name :   St0lenhal0 aka Jody
comment :   Oh my Gosh! I posted that your guestbook was full on 2 different sites and what do you heard me! woohoo! lol Just sayin hi! Loved your website, your a funny guy. Loved the concert I seen ya in over the weekend, I am sorry I didnt even know who
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Okay, you have me wondering about the Green Car Door????????????
name :   K from ca
comment :   Thanks Jake for the amazing show in Temecula-My son loved standing at the stage and saying hi to you! What a great experience for him--thanks again!!!
name :   Matias
comment :   Hi there Jake, Hell of a show last night. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and my girlfriend.
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas Jake! Or to be politically correct Happy Holidays! Come back to North Carolina soon!
name :   Melissa-n-ND
comment :   Hey Jake! Looks like youll be coming up to ND yet again in 2006! Hopefully not the only one in 2006, but Ill take what I can get! Looking forward to seeing you all again!
name :   Crissy
comment :   You were awesome in Tucson..I had a great time, keep up the good work xoxoxoxoxo
name :   Alex & Co.
comment :   Great show in Vegas! Glad to see your friends and fam were all in the house. Have a wonderful time in Temecula...we couldnt get tickets. Oh well, well wait for another PHX show. Talk to you soon. Take care!
name :   Pearl Barnhart
comment :   Hey Jake, It was great meeting you in Vegas & thanks for the pick, you definitely made my night! I just ordered your 3 cd set, cant wait to get em signed! Hopefully you & Gary can make a trip to Salt Lake City next year? I LOVE you guys & I look forward t
name :   Anna Loves Levi
comment :   Hey Jake!Hope to get your new cd soon.Tell Gary Happy Birthday!I hope that you have a good Christmas and eat lots of cookies!
name :   Jaxxs
comment :   Hey Mr Kelly....Finally have the new limited edition cd..once again you did good!!! Definately have a few favs of my own on the cd. Hope all is spinning well in your world. Looks like you have a busy schedule coming up, but always good when it is close to
name :   gacutie
comment :   Hey Jake! I absolutely LOVE the limited edition of I run with scissors!!!! You are awesome!!! Love, Jenn
name :   Peg In Montana
comment :   Hey Spy Guy, I got my CD...the Limited addition! You brought a smile to my face and I laughed out loud at the intro and track 2 and Im not talkintrash!! What a hoot!! Im looking forward to getting it signed!
name :   Darcy Pruitt
comment :   Jake, I received the Ltd Ed IRWS CD today to fix that little mistake that I didnt realize was made. You are such a nut, but a nut with integrity. I hope you like me as much as I like you, cause now Im a fan for life. Love ya! Darcy
name :   Regena
comment :   Hi Jake, I just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Have a great Thanksgiving Day Feast. I hope you are home with your family. I love your website and your writings! I have a great picture of you with your Candy Apple Red Guitar. I will send it to you... Hope to see you soon!
name :   MN Miller Lite Girl & Ali
comment :   Back to MN, huh? We CANT WAIT to see you again in Feb!!! ~Happy Thanksgiving!
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake! Have your new cd its good. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Be good if you can. Take care.
name :   Tammy Moore
comment :   Jake: See ya on the road very soon.
name :   michelle
comment :   What do you get when you cross a turkey with a banjo? A turkey that can pluck himself! ( L ... I know, but dont want to ruin my rep.. lol) Happy Turkey Day!
name :   Darcy Pruitt
comment :   I just wanted to tell you how nice it was to meet you and talk with you at the Owensboro show on November 19th. I had an incredible time. You are all so talented. I thrive on your music, so I was feeling pretty good that night. I hope you have great succe
name :   Tammy
comment :   Jake the show in Owensboro was great! I hope that you guys and Gary got my gift of Rare Breed Wild Turkey Bourbon and Cigars. I was unable to get my scissors autographed, you guys left too quick! Again the show was great!! Tammy Vernon Brown
name :   Angela
comment :   Just a reminder to check on the limited edition cd for me & the girl in the lobby that didnt leave hers in the suitcase! I found mine this morning, still sealed in plastic. Owensboro was a great show! Very nice to meet you! Gotta go eat a peach now...
name :   Bonnie N.
comment :   Jake is a wonderful human being. I love talking to him and listening to his stories. He should become an author to go along with his tremendous musical talent.
name :   divamason
comment :   What kind of rush do you get when you all leave the stage the first time and the crowd goes wild for you to come back on? I was at Bill Bobs Nov.5 and that crowd was awesome, didnt you think so? I have been to several concerts and have never seen a crowd
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hello Again Jake. I told a friend of mine about your website and we just cannot get enough. You write so well and you are a funny guy. Come back to North Carolina soon.
name :   Smellyflower
comment :   was out sightseeing in ny over the weekend and just now had time to jump on and buy the new cd..only thing to do now is wait with high anticipation for the mailman. now i know how a dog feels! peace
name :   Chas & Evelyn Young
comment :   Just wanted to tell you how much the wife and I enjoyed our conversation with you after the show at Westmoreland County Fair. Hope to see you at Pepsi Roadhouse on Friday.
name :   Chris
comment :   HI Jake long time no see, I miss you guys, just bought your new cd and my friend is going to take it with her to vegas for you to sign, hope you run into her. later
name :   Jaxxs
comment :   Hey Jake...Just wanted to say best of luck with the cd. I ordred mine last night will just have to wait and see I guess if I am on of the first Hope all is spinning well in your world. Have a great holiday season...Take Care....
name :   Peg In Montana
comment :   Yahooties!! Just bought your new CD, hope I was one of the first 50. I wish you huge success. Ill be looking for you at the next concert to sign it!!! Take care and bask in your glory for a long time!! Peg
name :   Darcy Pruitt
comment :   Jake, I just ordered your new CD. I cant wait to get it. By the way, Ill be seeing you at Garys show in Owensboro, KY this weekend. Cant wait for that either. Im so excited!
name :   ~~Dee~~
comment :   Howdy,Jake! Havent seen yall since the rodeo in Frt.Madison,Ia.(us Midwesterners are missing yall)come back soon and keep writing your a hoot!!!
name :   michelle
comment :   great story..but i feel sorry for the mollusk. Pier 1? perhaps REMs its the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)was playing in the background?
name :   Selena in Owensboro (pcnky)
comment :   Jake!!! Cant wait to see ya when yall get to Owensboro next weekend!!!! :) Lets meet at the Timeout! :)
name :   Tammy
comment :   I will be at the show in Owensboro KY on Nov 19th, would love the opportunity to meet you, but I understand still no meet and greets. I do however have fab cigars to bribe you with, I work for the worlds largest cigar manufacturer, I can get you some nice
name :   Megan Ott
comment :   Hey Jake, i finally got to meet you at hearne. I was really impressed on how you took the time to talk to the crowd and actually get to know us.Remember if your ever in the dallas area you should come golf at my course. ill hook you up with the beer =D. b
name :   mistic
comment :   Jake, Saw you at Billy Bobs thia past weekend. I must say WOW Yaall sounded and looked great! Sorry I didnt hang around to say hello! Tell Gary may be next time :o) Take care!
name :   Chata Carter
comment :   Saw you this week end in Ft.Worth! Great show. Please keep on pickn!!!!
name :   Ann Bonner
comment :   For the last 4 years Ive really been enjoying your music with the other guys and Gary Allan. Do you do the arrangements?
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hello Jake, I love you in concert. You always smile and wave. I just found your website today and you are a hoot!! I am from North Carolina and we talk that way. Sorry.
name :   Melissa Boone
comment :   Hey Jake, I just finished reading your lyrics to new album...LOVE IT!! Ive already got my favorites picked out! Hope you release it soon! Take care & see u in Vegas!
name :   Joneen
comment :   Hi Jake. Lovely meeting you in Toowoomba and Cooloongatta on the weekend. Really enjoy your music. Look after yourself and PLEASE - COME BACK TO AUSTRALIA SOON!!
name :   Debbie and Emily
comment :   Hi Jake, been a while since weve chatted. All is well here in Louisville. Emily is coming along quite well with her Violin. She says hello. Hope to see you in town soon. Take care.
name :   Michael Webb
comment :   I recently witnessed you in action in several shows with Gary Allan in Australia. You were, in my opinion, the true star of the show - a supernova whose brilliance was a blinding flash of raw charisma that rendered all others on the stage mere annoyances
name :   Debbie and Emily
comment :   
name :   springhillann
comment :   Looking forward to first concert--in Dec. in Las Vegas. Im too old to stand & vie for position on the floor, so will be 1st row balcony.
name :   Alex and Lauren, PHX
comment :   JAKEEEEEEEEEE! Long time no chat. More than a year ago on that fine Phoenix EARLY morning eating at Chuys. Well be there in Tucson, Vegas and Temecula. Look for the 6 tall radios. See ya then!