name :   Chata Carter
comment :   Saw you this week end in Ft.Worth! Great show. Please keep on pickn!!!!
name :   Ann Bonner
comment :   For the last 4 years Ive really been enjoying your music with the other guys and Gary Allan. Do you do the arrangements?
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hello Jake, I love you in concert. You always smile and wave. I just found your website today and you are a hoot!! I am from North Carolina and we talk that way. Sorry.
name :   Melissa Boone
comment :   Hey Jake, I just finished reading your lyrics to new album...LOVE IT!! Ive already got my favorites picked out! Hope you release it soon! Take care & see u in Vegas!
name :   Joneen
comment :   Hi Jake. Lovely meeting you in Toowoomba and Cooloongatta on the weekend. Really enjoy your music. Look after yourself and PLEASE - COME BACK TO AUSTRALIA SOON!!
name :   Debbie and Emily
comment :   Hi Jake, been a while since weve chatted. All is well here in Louisville. Emily is coming along quite well with her Violin. She says hello. Hope to see you in town soon. Take care.
name :   Michael Webb
comment :   I recently witnessed you in action in several shows with Gary Allan in Australia. You were, in my opinion, the true star of the show - a supernova whose brilliance was a blinding flash of raw charisma that rendered all others on the stage mere annoyances
name :   Debbie and Emily
comment :   
name :   springhillann
comment :   Looking forward to first concert--in Dec. in Las Vegas. Im too old to stand & vie for position on the floor, so will be 1st row balcony.
name :   Alex and Lauren, PHX
comment :   JAKEEEEEEEEEE! Long time no chat. More than a year ago on that fine Phoenix EARLY morning eating at Chuys. Well be there in Tucson, Vegas and Temecula. Look for the 6 tall radios. See ya then!
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake! It was good to see you guys in Nashville on 10-05-05. Great show. Love the new cd cant listen to it without crying like a baby. Tell Gary hi, take care.
name :   ShellLynn
comment :   Hey Jake! Thanks for the great updates! Glad yall are having a great time down under! Great to see someone who contects with the lil people!
name :   Angela
comment :   Saw my first show in Nashville, and Ill be in KY on the 19th. Cant wait! Hope the Aussies are being good to you!!! Congrats!
name :   Priscilla
comment :   Hey Jake, it was fantastic to meet you at the Canberra show on Friday night. Im sorry I cant afford to go to Queensland to see another show. Cant believe they made you take your hat off at King OMalleys - musta thought you were a terrorist huh? Id send yo
name :   Irene
comment :   Hello from Texas! It was cool visiting with you in Dallas, you are the best! Hope to see you in Hearne.
name :   Anna L.
comment :   Hey Jake, How is the outback? Cant wait for your latest news!
name :   janie kate
comment :   Do I recognise this background as a comfortable shirt worn by a guy I used to know?
name :   mystic
comment :   Jake, I am finally coming to one of your guys shows. I will be at Billy Bobs on Nov. 5th. I will be in the front row, you know the red head! Hopefully I will get a chance to chat with ya. Hope all is well, until then take care!
name :   Amanda
comment :   Hola Jake! Well I am going to be totally honest. I was never a fan really that is until my friend dragged me to Helotes, Texas and I saw the show. I was blown away! Now Im hooked. So here we go on these little Texas road trips to see yall perform. I like
name :   kmabell
comment :   when can I get the new cd? i cant find it on the website. hope you are enjoying the road trip!
name :   Anna Lushute
comment :   Hi Jake! Sorry if my mom and I scared you as we emerged out of the darkness from behind the pine trees in Ruston,LA.Thanks for talking to us,we had a great time. We have just returned from our 5th Gary Allan concert and cant wait for the next one. We drov
name :   Eric
comment :   Jake, I saw the show in Nashville and you played a red guitar. What brand is it? Eric
name :   Debbie
comment :   hey jake - hope you have a happy & safe trip to oz ... stay away from the wicked witch(es) LOL. see ya november in cleveland @ the house of blues :) til then .. cheers :)
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Well...lets just say it was good seeing you the other night in nashland. Show was great as usual...hope all is spining well in your world...Have a very safe trip down under....Enjoyyyyy!!! jaxxs
name :   SandyinTx
comment :   Just checking in.
name :   Pam O.
comment :   Hey Jake good to hear your CD is coming soon. Thanks for the sound clip ---love it!!
name :   Danielle aka Denise
comment :   Hi Jake, Just wanted to tell you it was nice to talk to you before the show in Royal Oak MI. I met some bigger fans then me and we are going to try and make 2 more of your shows this year. Guess you can call us groupies now...teehee. I want your next bott
name :   Debbie
comment :   hey jake - it was great meeting you for the first time after the show in royal oak, michigan. thanks for taking the time to take a pic with me :) see you in cleveland ... looking forward to the release of YOUR new CD :)
name :   angie roberts
comment :   Even though I didnt get to catch your show in OKC, thanks to my husband Joe Mac, of Xpress Band, I did get to talk to you. Im the one that lost the Right Where I Need To Be ring. I love listening to you and hope to see you in a show soon.
name :   Kmabell
comment :   Hi Jake, Saw the concert in Mansfield, IN and then Sandwich, IL. Thanks for taking the time to talk to my daughter after the concert. She was thrilled. Take care.
name :   Dani M.
comment :   I have enjoyed watching you play and drink your Jack with Gary. Thanks for the good times!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Just wanted to come on here and check to see whats going on in your world. I see you guys didnt have to brave the huricane.. Hope all is well in your world....
name :   Irene /Austin
comment :   Hey Jake, it was sooo great to finally meet you! Believe me I could have talked to you all night, but my friends were tired. I hope to see you soon at future TX shows, dont forget you owe me a beer!:)Texas Loves Ya!
name :   Heather
comment :   Thanks for the great show that you put on in Sioux Falls, SD! Hope you come back soon!
name :   Wildbrunette/ Austin TX.
comment :   Gosh,Jake! Why do you have to be so awesome? Its just not fair to the rest of the band.:) Cant wait to see you and the guys in Helotes! Texas loves ya!
name :   Pam O.
comment :   Hey Jake - It was great to talk to you in Sioux Falls, you guys rocked the crowd as usual --hope to see ya again sometime not too far away!!
name :   CA redskins
comment :   hey, looking so forward to YOUR new cd....take care & God bless! (ps-cant wait to pow-wow with ya again)
name :   Tina & Johanah
comment :   I know Im late on this but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Remember we all share the same month. Johanah turned 23(just a kid) and I turned 40 (39 and holding)Cant wait to see you guys agian. Take Care,
name :   Courtney, Natalie, and Megan
comment :   Hello, friend. Great show, always is. Cant wait till House of Blues-Cleveland...
name :   Deano
comment :   Chekin ya out bro..Just met with you at Fulton County Fair in Ohio..Great job..
name :   Tammy Wynette
comment :   Jake, Like all the other girls, I cant WAIT to see you! Love you, Jake!
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake hope your doing well. Me Im fine just wanted to say hi. Hate to hear Eddies leaving again. Take care tell Gary hello. I hope he is enjoying his pillow I sent him. See ya.
name :   Carrie Ann
comment :   OoopS!!!! I meant on Sept 10th. Sorry, see you then :)
name :   Carrie Ann
comment :   Hey Jake, I sent you an e-mail but I dont know if you received it. We plan to come see you Sept 11. Hope you are doing well! We miss you!
name :   Renee
comment :   Hey boyfriend, Hope all is well with you and yours, and that you had a wonderful birthday. Cant wait to see you again, but regretably, it will be a long time coming. Take care and be safe.