name :   Darcy
comment :   P.S. I know that your birthday is coming up this week. I hope you have fantastic day full of birthday wishes come true! Take care and God bless.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Hi Jake. It sure is good to hear from you. I like what youve been doing to the place. The videos are great. I sure have missed that harmonica. Keep em coming! =)
name :   Karlie
comment :   Saw my first Gary Allan concert since you left the band. Not the same without you there. Good luck in your own journey.
name :   kim
comment :   just stopping by to say hello
name :   Jaxxs
comment : are such a Tease...a new picture...I know there is more going on in that head of yours than that...come on we want to know whats new and what projects you are working on....Take care J
name :   Michelle
comment :   hola.. just stoppin by to see whats up.. ttyl.
name :   Rob Childs
comment :   Hey Jake; thanks for your company from Rob and Sue your new English buddies.. I had a blast gettin up with Jim and the boys, sorry I missed the second show! Waylaid in Lynchburg (Pop 361).. you can guess the rest... Be lucky my friend!
name :   ga_jenn
comment :   Hey Jake! Hope all is well in your world...been a while since we heard anything from ya!
name :   Carrie Wilken (part of the Swanson clan ;) Hope you havent forgotten us!
comment :   Hey Jake, Its been a while since we have seen you. Hope all is well with you. Listened to Josephine Bell, sounds really good. It is always great to hear you play. You are truly talented. My sisters and I are all doing well, busy as usual. Changes with lif
name :   Tina Byrd
comment :   Hi Jake, havent seen you since Grahms Central in AZ with Gary Allan. Miss seeing you on the road with him.
name :   Donna
comment :   Miss ya Jake! Hope your summer is going well!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Geezzzz...are you dead or must be one busy guy these days...or its been one big Hope your world is treating you well!!!!
name :   sandyintx
name :   Doug Streeter
comment :   Former Crosstie Walker wants to know wassup??
name :   Jennifer
comment :   ok Jake, whats up we havent heard from you in over a month again. What is up with that? I miss you! Please write! Love ya!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Are you even Alive???...Or have you gone so far to the edge you fell off....hello would be nice to know if you are still out there.......
name :   jaymes
comment :   i miss you!!
name :   Tiffany
comment :   Hi Jake. Havent heard any news in awhile. Hope all is well. Thanks for great music.
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey jake...nice addition to the pics. I see you went back to the old style of glasses, kind of like something old and Hope all is well in your world...take care..jaxxs
name :   Margaret
comment :   Jake, I miss watching you with the honky-tonk wranglers. Are you still in LA?? If so are you playing anywhere in so cal??
name :   Peggy Y
comment :   miss seeing you wiht the band, I hope our paths cross again, your friend in NH
name :   Karen in SRQ
comment :   Miss you but sounds like all is well! So sorry we missed you in Nashville since we were there! We go back to Gary days & fan club parties with you - my kids will never forget you nor their photos & chats with you! Keep making great music & living life LAR
name :   Terry & Carol Withrow
comment :   we miss ya Charleston, WV
name :   Jake Sinclair
comment :   Gday mate! I got to meet you at Garys concert in Chuchill, Victoria Australia last year. Thanks heaps for the advice, and good luck for the future! Jake Sinclair
name :   Darcy
comment :   Oh say will you be by the poolside stretched out/ A longneck in hand while the sunlight is gleaming? Well, whatever you may be doing, I hope you have a happy 4th of July. =)
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Mr Kelly...Just wanted to wish you a Happy Fourth!!!...Enjoy the day. Im sure its a good day to kick back and enjoy a Hope all is spinning well in your world...
name :   colleen
comment :   just was thinking about you,,and wondering how you are? hope everything is good for you.......colleen from philadelphia
name :   TerriAgain
comment :   You have more mail! --ahem--
name :   Terri
comment :   Youve got MAIL! (check w/Jim) ***smooch***
name :   Donna
comment :   just dropping by to say hi!!
name :   Lora , So. Cal
comment :   Hello Jake! I wanted to pop in to say howdy, I havent forgotten about you. Keep the great tunes coming! Luv & hugs!
name :   Laura
comment :   Sucks missing you in Nashville...If it hadve been any of the three days before, I so wouldve been there!!! Love the Josephine song!!!
name :   Marie Laveau
comment :   Josephine Bell was a friend of mine. Good song.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Happy Dads Day J.!
name :   Jason Graumlich
comment :   Hey Jake! We need to stay in touch so I dont miss ya when you come to town! Hope everything is great...
name :   jaxxs
comment :   So we see you have been on changing a few things...Do tell...Whats new in your world? How were the shows....update would be Cool!!!...hope all is well in your world...
name :   Donna
comment :   If I have pictures I want to send you how do I do that?
name :   jaymes
comment :   i love that new pic! miss you!! hope all is well =]
name :   Donna
comment :   Enjoy hearing and talking with you at your show at The Hotel Preston. You are the sweetest person!We left after your acoustic part cos my hubby was recovering from food poisoning! I hope to be able to see you more. You should come to Ruston! Ill be a fan
name :   Michele from ARK
comment :   Hey Jake, Sorry I didnt get to make your show; if only it had been a day or two earlier. Hope all is well with you. I miss you and the good times. No one will ever take your place! Good luck with all your endeavors. Michele
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Just wanted to say I hope you have a great show tonight and many turn out to hear you. Have a great time...wish I could have been there...take care!!!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Hey Mr. Harmonica man...(uhh no). Hey Mr. Telecaster man...(umm, maybe a bit better). Do you play tambourine? Just wanted to come by and wish you luck on your f/f show. Play a song for me. = )
name :   Jo/Tx
comment :   hey Jake... hope all is well in your world.
name :   d
comment :   will be seeing you on the 7th!!