name :   sandyintx
name :   Trish D in TN
comment :   Jake, Got my CD...and I love it! Black Sheep is probably my favorite song. :) Hope to see you next month in Nashville to celebrate our belated birthdays! You ROCK! Trish :)
name :   *~ Lora ~*
comment :   Goodmoring Jake! I just wanted to let you know that Im glad to see that your new CD is ready to buy! Ill be doing that today! Take care!
name :   hola!
comment :   thanks for the sales pitch, very excited.. but it reminded me of how much you are missed.. best wishes to you and yours...
name :   Garys boo
comment :   Heyt Mr Jake i got my cd ordered last night it should be here tomm according tot he site and i cant wait! lol hugs and i hope you are well.
name :   Tammy
comment :   YAY !!!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Bout time!
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Im probably too late but, where the heck you playin in the Carolinas? Why wasnt I invited?! Hoping all is well with you Jake....keep pluggin away. You know we love ya.
name :   mistic
comment :   im your biggest fan, jake. i worship you.
name :   Me
comment :   Just wanted to say Hello so Hello! XO
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Just wondering how long the Coming Soon sign would be up...LOL!!! Hope everything is spinning well in your world...
name :   Mrs. Beasley
comment :   I miss Buffy. Have you seen her?
name :   Phillip Beasley
comment :   Memphis songwriters Association Thanks for participating in the FA Conference. Enjoyed meeting you. Hope you can get back this way and do a show. maybe join naccy Apple in the Dwang a Dang Doodle Song Slingers Series and more. later BEEZ
name :   Kim Davidson
comment :   Love the new CD cover, Jake! Cant wait to buy a copy!
name :   Doubting Thomas
comment :   CD release date? I realize that the artists are different, but all of creation only took 6 days.
name :   jaymes
comment :   i did that celebrity match thing too and it says i most resemble beyonce!! good to hear from you =]]
name :   *~ Lora ~*
comment :   Hola senor Jake! Just stoppin by to say howdy! LOVE the new photos, and the new guitar, its beautiful! I cant wait to buy your new CD! Let me know when its avalible! TTYS!
name :   hazel eyes
comment :   Hey Jake, good to hear from you. All is well of course, you wouldnt have it any other way,would ya? What did you do for your wife this valentines? How old are your boys, just in case, I might be needin some advise. I have 3: 12, 9, & 7.
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Jake! Its so good to hear how youre doing and what has been going on in your life. I kept checking your news section and was thinking somethings wrong w/ my computer. Anyways, great 4 the cd. Cant wait to get my copy! Peace, my friend. Terri
name :   Pam O.
comment :   Hey Jake - hope all is well in your world! We miss seeing you at the concerts!! Love the new pictures and awaiting the new CD!
name :   LuAnn
comment :   HEY, Jake I like the new photos of you,nice guitar!WOW! Hope you get to Illinois, someday. see you LuAnn
name :   marni
comment :   Espero que usted tenga un día repleto del amor. Cuide dele.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Happy Heart Day Jake!
name :   OKIEJOE
comment :   Does the guitar cover you have on your front page change the sound quality of your guitar? now that my voice has been heard I think its time for your voice to be heard.
name :   hazel eyes
comment :   Hey, Jake where are ya? We need to hear from ya! You crazy honky tonk!!!