name :   Vicky & Leah
comment :   A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Jake - miss you!
name :   Michelle
comment :   Merry Christmas!
name :   Jeannette
comment :   Ill keep it simple. Jake, have a wonderful, safe and peaceful holiday!
name :   Trish D.
comment :   Jake, Im glad you and Mr. Jeff got to hang does seem to make drinking more fun when you have a buddy. :) Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and I hope to see you next month back here! Trish :)
name :   Sally
comment :   Great work! My homepage | Please visit
name :   Steve & Laurie
comment :   Merry Christmas Jake, hope all is well and Santa is sober enough to make his rounds. Ive got a bottle of Jack with his name on it. Peace and love
name :   Secret Santa
comment :   Thats a beautiful instrument youve got there, Jake (the Steinway, of course.) Merry Christmas to you and yours. Love, love, love.
name :   gtrmnky
comment :   Great taste!! The pink and white animal cookies with sprinkles are the best!!
name :   Yolanda
name :   Brian Graybeal
comment :   Hey Jake! I just some of the posts on here. There are very funny and yet sincere. I havent heard from you in a while. Yeah, I am a little disappointed with you bro!!! Really! I consider you a friend! And always will! But anyway I went to Garys shows be
name :   tony from mo
comment :   hey jake, just wanted to let you know that i missed u being in garys band two night ago in norman and last night in dallas! hope u are doing good!!! and good luck in your own personal endeavors!
name :   jaymes
comment :   i was in vegas a few weeks bad i did not run into you!!! take care, luv ya =]]
name :   Cyndi
comment :   We miss you here in good Ole San Antone!!! Hope you make your way to Texas some time soon!!!!! Much Love
name :   Bobbie
comment :   Just wanted to drop by and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a successful, healthy, and happy New Year! You are greatly missed.
name :   Randy (Coca-Cola Cowboy)
comment :   Wow! To think I was up on all that you and Gary have going!! (Wrong!)I never knew you had 1 solo effort let alone 4!! Way Cool Yall Have come Along Way since (THE LION DORE) STill Miss Those Days 2 Much Fun for This Ole Cowboy! Hope to See You Soo
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake its been too long. Things have been so crazy,its been hard keeping up with my three boys. Hope all is well. Its always refreshing reading your posts, your awesome!! hazel_eyes457
name :   Lora
comment :   Hello Jake! Long time no see! It sure has been quite a while since we talked/seen you preform. Im glad to have stumbled acrossed your website! Congrats on your CD & all your accomplishments! Keep smiling!
name :   Christina
comment :   Was @ G.A. show in Bakersfield 12/07 & Temecula 12/08 - just not the same without your lovely little face (hat & glasses included!) Have wonderful holidays!! Miss seeing you out there!
name :   Darcy
comment :   I miss you J. How in the heck are you? I just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy holiday season. I hope you get something special from Santa. = )
name :   Yolanda
comment :   Thank you for the update. I NEEDED THAT. Hubby and I miss you dearly~! much Love!
name :   karen fink
comment :   a really great show last night at the fox theatre the best ever
name :   Crish
comment :   Hi Jake! I just seen Gary in Bakersfield, CA and there was something missing.. Great show but you werent there and it will never be the same. Good luck to you, the CD sounds great!
name :   Kandy
comment :   I hope no new updates means that you are super busy on your cd. Let us know whats going on.
name :   DianeP
comment :   Jake, You as a Pirate is something I for one would love to see. Happy Holidays Word Man. Always in your corner. Diane
name :   Joan
comment :   I saw Gary Allan in Palm Desert 12/5 and the guitarist was pictured on your site in page 3 and page 7 - what is his name? Why were you not at this show too? It was great, my first time seeing Gary & the band
name :   nadine
comment :   I have not been to your site in awhile (you know, work, school, the family), so imagine my surprise when I saw you were not by Garys side at last nites show in Ventura! I am so sad you are no longer part of GA, you were awesome together! Just know that yo
name :   Michelle
comment :   I can vouch for DeDes mad bar tending skills... cant say the same for her ability to play gee-tar ;-)
name :   De De - San Antonio
comment :   Hey there Mr. Jake; It was so good to see you in Vegas.. Good luck with the CD and hope to see you roll this way soon. I will make you that Colorado Bulldog!!!
name :   jaymes
comment :   about time!! i was getting ready to send a search & rescue crew out for you. sounds like you are doing well..hope you make a trip out to san antonio, tx!!!
name :   jake kelly
comment :   Central, Minnesto Let our names be heard
name :   Bonita
comment :   Went to see gary allen 11/26/06. missed you in the band.met you at his concert 7/25/06.The pictures we took came out great1 ! THANX!!!
name :   Just Cheryl
comment :   Hi Jake, Glad you had a great holiday! I noticed your new pic on the site, did you get a new job? LOL Thanks for the news Cheryl
name :   jrmga47
comment :   Glad to finally hear from you. Glad you had a fun halloween and a great thanksgiving. I didnt know you ate, i thought you drank you meals. Love ya
name :   Tammy
comment :   Good to hear from you, glad the music is coming along!
name :   Michele from AR
comment :   Jake, Gonna be in Nashville 12/15 and 12/16. Hope to run into you. Ill keep my eyes and ears out for you! Hope all is well! Miss you on the road! Michele
name :   Christina
comment :   No fair. If you go to Hanford, you MUST come to Visalia. Only 15 min west of Hanford. We in Visalia LOVE,LOVE,LOVE you too. Hanford Fox Theater would be a great place for you & your crew.!!!
name :   Michelle
comment :   hope you had a happy turkey day! take care!
name :   Kamakazjim
comment :   let me know whats goin on jake. keep up the good work
name :   AFriend
comment :   Kinda cool seeing the old bass player Gary signing the guest book. Hewy is one heck of a fine bass player and you are one heck of a fine guitar player, Mike Fried is one heck of a steel player sounds like a good start to a great band to me. Oh a little L
name :   Kerry Vickery
comment :   Happy Thanksgiving! I miss you, Jake!
name :   Trish D.
comment :   Have a great Thanksgiving, Jake!! We miss you....
name :   tnsunshine
comment :   Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
name :   sabrina
comment :   jake,i read somewhere about a magazine that featured songwriters in nashville. could you help me find where i can get subscription thanks-email me
name :   Tammy
comment :   Owensboro was not the same without you! Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING! Play somewhere!!!!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Happy Turkey Day J. God bless you. = )