name :   Michele from AR
comment :   Jake, Gonna be in Nashville 12/15 and 12/16. Hope to run into you. Ill keep my eyes and ears out for you! Hope all is well! Miss you on the road! Michele
name :   Christina
comment :   No fair. If you go to Hanford, you MUST come to Visalia. Only 15 min west of Hanford. We in Visalia LOVE,LOVE,LOVE you too. Hanford Fox Theater would be a great place for you & your crew.!!!
name :   Michelle
comment :   hope you had a happy turkey day! take care!
name :   Kamakazjim
comment :   let me know whats goin on jake. keep up the good work
name :   AFriend
comment :   Kinda cool seeing the old bass player Gary signing the guest book. Hewy is one heck of a fine bass player and you are one heck of a fine guitar player, Mike Fried is one heck of a steel player sounds like a good start to a great band to me. Oh a little L
name :   Kerry Vickery
comment :   Happy Thanksgiving! I miss you, Jake!
name :   Trish D.
comment :   Have a great Thanksgiving, Jake!! We miss you....
name :   tnsunshine
comment :   Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
name :   sabrina
comment :   jake,i read somewhere about a magazine that featured songwriters in nashville. could you help me find where i can get subscription thanks-email me
name :   Tammy
comment :   Owensboro was not the same without you! Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING! Play somewhere!!!!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Happy Turkey Day J. God bless you. = )
name :   Jean
comment :   I seen Gary in cleveland, where were you? What happened?
name :   Jean Stefancin
comment :   I recently seen Gary Allan, but where were you? I missed you. What happened? Youll be great somewhere else.
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Hi Jake! Hope all is well w/ you. Just wanted to check in & wish you and yours happy holidays. I cant wait to hear the new cd! We miss u out hereon the road. When will a Jake tour be organized? Take care buddy.
name :   melinda trail
comment :   Dear jake, I want you to know that youll be dearly missed.I know that every concert that gary will have it wont be the same.I just wish that youll come back.
name :   Kathy
comment :   Hello Jake, I saw Gary tonight in Cleveland, and something was missing..You!! So needless to say, I went to your website and saw, you were not longer with the Gary Allan organization. Im so sorry, I remember buying you a drink, and talking with you abou
name :   luckylady
comment :   hi jake i have missed ya ,would love to see ya again.what is happen wooo,i heard .luckylady here blueash ohio .remember.
name :   Debe
comment :   Jake you have it together...never give up on your dreams.. sometime people dont realize what they have until it is gone...
name :   Trish D.
comment :   Jake, Thanks for the remix version...its JFK!! Miss ya, Trish :)
name :   Darcy
comment :   What a delicious, little jaunt through! I think I gained a few pounds, but it was worth it. My appetite is definately wetted up for some more. I think the full course w/ a Jake show would be yummy. Bon appetite!
name :   Diana
comment :   Great new pictures Jake. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.
name :   Diane
comment :   Great new look to your website. Loved hearing from you Word Man. Keep up the great work and youll make it.
name :   Chas & Evelyn Young
comment :   Really missed you at The Road House in Pgh last night. Where are Ya
name :   Michelle
comment :   Hi Jake - you produced a demo for me in jan. of 1998. Just wanted to say hello to an OLD friend and wish you and your family well. Hope you enjoy your holidays - it is great to hear of your success. Take care - your friend, Michelle
name :   Cherita Daugherty WV
comment :   Hi Jake, I am so sorry to hear you are not with Gary any longer. Im sure you will do very well out on your own. Take care and God Bless.
name :   Tammy
comment :   Im ready for a show, play somewhere!!!!
name :   missy
comment :   saw u in nashville will forward the pics!!!never forget u on the mudslide in southern ohio!!! lol later!!! missy
name :   Michelle
comment :   hope you have a spectacular all saints day
name :   Jimmie
comment :   Happy Halloween to you and yours. Stay Safe!
name :   Yolanda
comment :   Love ya man! hope all is happy and well in yer neck of the woods... remember.. texas loves you
name :   jaymes
comment :   well we wont scare you if you dont scare us!!
name :   Chris Foster, WV
comment :   Im so sad to hear youve left GA. I hope you do very well on your own and I am sure your star will shine very bright!!! Ill be looking for your CDs and hope to see you soon!!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Jake, I bet your neighbors are loving you for filling the air with the smell of country roses. Hurry on back to N-ville before the rains come and the tricksters travel through the treats youve left behind. Happy Halloween!
name :   XANA
name :   Lisa From Hanford 10/25/06
comment :   Hi Jake, Welcome Home! glad your back, you sound good, hope all is well, cant wait to see you take care and keep the good work, Love Love Love. Lisa From Hanford, 10/25/06
name :   jaymes
comment :   i am glad to know that partying with paris and britney does not get in the way of you recording new songs!!! deuce it baby!!
name :   colleen
comment :   jake,,where are you? we need a news update!! thanks
name :   Jennifer
comment :   Hey Jake! Went to a concert the other night and couldnt help but think of you! Let me know where you play my husband is sending me to TN for a visit and I want to see you while I am there! From Maine to TN to see you! :)
name :   kandy
comment :   hey Jake, just wanted to say howdy from Texas. Cant wait to see you down here in my neck of the woods! All my love!
name :   susie minneapolis
comment :   You have what it takes. The road to no where always leads to a new beginning. Keep the hat over your eyes and your dreams in your future
name :   Nina and Stacey
comment :   No love in Oklahoma, and now this! Looks like Gary needs the BEST guitar player!!!
name :   Jimmie
comment :   Hi Jake just dropping in to say hi. Take Care.
name :   Gary Hewitt
comment :   There is so much Jake music I need to catch up on! Im going to hit the order button.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Hi. Hows Jake? I found a treasure that I thought you and Gary should do a remake of some time just for fun, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylans version of A Thousand Miles Behind.
name :   Lisa from HANFORD
comment :   Hey Jake, Its me Lisa, I love your news letters they make me smile every time I read them, Hope to hear from you soon, take care, Keep Smiling, Love,Love,Love! Hanford
name :   colleen
comment :   hi jake, saw gary tonight,had fun, but i miss you!!!
name :   Ga Jenn :)
comment :   Hey Jake, cant wait to hear the new cd, glad things are going well with ya! Ill miss you not being with Gary, but I am looking forward to seeing all that you do! Ill always be a fan!
name :   Trish in TN
comment :   Hey Jake, Sounds like you are keeping busy...cant wait to hear your new CD! Let me know the next time you are playing here in Nashville, oK? And no, Im not the one that lives in NJ... :)