name :   kandy
comment :   hey Jake, just wanted to say howdy from Texas. Cant wait to see you down here in my neck of the woods! All my love!
name :   susie minneapolis
comment :   You have what it takes. The road to no where always leads to a new beginning. Keep the hat over your eyes and your dreams in your future
name :   Nina and Stacey
comment :   No love in Oklahoma, and now this! Looks like Gary needs the BEST guitar player!!!
name :   Jimmie
comment :   Hi Jake just dropping in to say hi. Take Care.
name :   Gary Hewitt
comment :   There is so much Jake music I need to catch up on! Im going to hit the order button.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Hi. Hows Jake? I found a treasure that I thought you and Gary should do a remake of some time just for fun, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylans version of A Thousand Miles Behind.
name :   Lisa from HANFORD
comment :   Hey Jake, Its me Lisa, I love your news letters they make me smile every time I read them, Hope to hear from you soon, take care, Keep Smiling, Love,Love,Love! Hanford
name :   colleen
comment :   hi jake, saw gary tonight,had fun, but i miss you!!!
name :   Ga Jenn :)
comment :   Hey Jake, cant wait to hear the new cd, glad things are going well with ya! Ill miss you not being with Gary, but I am looking forward to seeing all that you do! Ill always be a fan!
name :   Trish in TN
comment :   Hey Jake, Sounds like you are keeping busy...cant wait to hear your new CD! Let me know the next time you are playing here in Nashville, oK? And no, Im not the one that lives in NJ... :)
name :   marni
comment :   jake, jake, jake... you will always have my support! (isnt that great?? =)) looking forward to another show and more music. take care.
name :   Michelle
comment :   Ill say it again... Holy Guacamole!
name :   Joneen
comment :   Gday from Oz Jake & family! Anyone who believes that you would bad mouth Gary, is obviously a bad judge of character wholl believe anything! All the best to both of you!!
name :   Matias
comment :   You crazy! What are you doin now? Come to Cali! Lets party!
name :   Jenn
comment :   Jake, you were 3/4 of the show. I came to see you. So did all my friends. I wont go again.
name :   Shelly
comment :   You know how much I love Gary. It will just never be the same without you. This just plain sucks.
name :   vivian doland
comment :   hey Jake just wanted to say hi and hope everything is going well.cant wait for the new cd
name :   Michelle
comment :   hola Jake, just stopped by to see what was up and it sounds like you are keeping quite busy! Take Care!
name :   jaymes
comment :   you sound like you are having more fun than should be allowed!!! (thats good) =]]]
name :   Grant Big Smokey Johnson
comment :   Hi Jake, It was great to meet you last Saturday Night. Hope to run into you again soon. Best, Grant
name :   jaxxs
comment :   So how is life...I see from past post on garys board a few are very unhappy with all of this....truths will come always does.
name :   jake fan
comment :   whens the new cd coming out? i cant wait! dying to hear black sheep! (baaaa!)
name :   lisa from hanford 10-7-06
comment :   good morning Jake. im at work kinda slow for a sat. mornn. looking forward to hearing from you soon, just want to stop by and say hello, and hope all is well, take care. lisa
name :   Tammy
comment :   Ok - did Jeff show up? Have you taken a ride on the Music City Star?
name :   cory
comment :   Keep the music coming. Stop by Minnesota someday to play.
name :   Jaxxs
comment :   Hey Mr the new pics...Last ones look to be the last Jake Kelly live show...hope you are well....
name :   Linda
comment :   Im Lisas mom your first fan who turned her on to you and Gary so get to Hanford CA soon
name :   marni
comment :   hey jake, great new pics! thanks for the updates and so glad to hear you are working on the new stuff...the excitement is building! take care.
name :   Cyndi
comment :   Hey there Mr. Kelly just wanted to stop in and say hello, I hope all is well in your world. : )
name :   Diana
comment :   love the new pics jake... hey some of those look familiar. ;)
name :   Tammy
comment :   Today is Jake Kelly day in the office cd player, Runnin with scissors right now!
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Jake, hope youre enjoying your break. Looking forward to the next cd! Im sure it will be as good as the others. When will you guys get together and play again like you did @ Mercy Lounge????
name :   Angela
comment :   Have a nice trip to the mountains. Hope to see you real soon.
name :   jaymes
comment :   hope you have a great vacation... which reminds me that i need one =]]
name :   CHRISTINA
name :   Anna
comment :   Hey Jake, garys band is really missing a lot with out you and eddie.Gary needs a haircut.Almost forgot he was a country singer the other night.Miss You.
name :   pcnky
comment :   Hey, Jake! Totally bummed that you wont be in Owensboro with GA in November. But hopefully youll make it up here for a free beer anyways. :) Got a cool pic of us I need to send your way. Selena in Owensboro
name :   Rik
comment :   Went to GA concert in Pearl, MS last weekend. Sorry to see that you werent there, still I like GA. Will start anew with your music too. By the way, Paul McCartney sang Live and Let DIE in reference to the skeeters.
name :   Lisa A. in Louisiana
comment :   Jake, I wish you all the best. Keep the great music coming. Love ya lots. Sincerely, Lisa A.
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Just sitting here listening to nothin on but the radio..hope all is good in your world...
name :   Adam Belsly
comment :   Hey Jake, nice to meet you at the bar on Saturday, and thanks a bunch for the beers. I hope everything works out for you. Im sure it will.