name :   Cyndi
comment :   Hey there Mr. Kelly just wanted to stop in and say hello, I hope all is well in your world. : )
name :   Diana
comment :   love the new pics jake... hey some of those look familiar. ;)
name :   Tammy
comment :   Today is Jake Kelly day in the office cd player, Runnin with scissors right now!
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Jake, hope youre enjoying your break. Looking forward to the next cd! Im sure it will be as good as the others. When will you guys get together and play again like you did @ Mercy Lounge????
name :   Angela
comment :   Have a nice trip to the mountains. Hope to see you real soon.
name :   jaymes
comment :   hope you have a great vacation... which reminds me that i need one =]]
name :   CHRISTINA
name :   Anna
comment :   Hey Jake, garys band is really missing a lot with out you and eddie.Gary needs a haircut.Almost forgot he was a country singer the other night.Miss You.
name :   pcnky
comment :   Hey, Jake! Totally bummed that you wont be in Owensboro with GA in November. But hopefully youll make it up here for a free beer anyways. :) Got a cool pic of us I need to send your way. Selena in Owensboro
name :   Rik
comment :   Went to GA concert in Pearl, MS last weekend. Sorry to see that you werent there, still I like GA. Will start anew with your music too. By the way, Paul McCartney sang Live and Let DIE in reference to the skeeters.
name :   Lisa A. in Louisiana
comment :   Jake, I wish you all the best. Keep the great music coming. Love ya lots. Sincerely, Lisa A.
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Just sitting here listening to nothin on but the radio..hope all is good in your world...
name :   Adam Belsly
comment :   Hey Jake, nice to meet you at the bar on Saturday, and thanks a bunch for the beers. I hope everything works out for you. Im sure it will.
name :   Trish D. in TN
comment :   Hey Jake, It was great to see you this weekend...hope to see you again before you leave. Sorry I cant make it downtown tonight~ keep in touch though so I can try another night. Thanks again! Trish :)
name :   Darcy
comment :   My b-day is this week. I CANT tell you that Im going to wish for a Jake Kelly show to attend very soon, because then my wish wouldnt come true. I really want it to come true, so Ill just say that Im thinking of you.
name :   Brett
comment :   Hey jake, I just found out that you are no longer with Gary Allan. I was very dissapointed to hear this my wife and I have seen over 30 Gary Concerts and you always did something for the band that I dont think anyone else can replace. I am not looking fo
name :   Whitney
comment :   I am so sad I wont see you at Garys concerts anymore!! Good luck with your own music--it wont be the same without you!
name :   Megan
comment :   Hey, Jake! I was heartbroken to hear that youre not with Gary anymore, but I know you will succeed in all that you do. Know that we are behind you 100%. Best of luck in the future.
name :   Just Me
comment :   Wish I could see you play tonight at the GEC. Im not going, since youre not. :( (My hearts still broken.)
name :   Me
comment :   I have to say the concerts arnt the same with U not there.Miss U. XXOO
name :   Larry Mofle
comment :   Jake - I have been a big fan of yours from the early GA days. Im glad to hear you are doing some recording and while I dont know if you have time to read this or not, I would like to offer you a place to sell your CD. I am part of and wh
name :   kandy
comment :   sorry it took so long for me to respond, but i was in shock. i hope that everything youve ever dreamed of comes true. while youre in texas, look me up, we can bar-b-que, drink lots of adult beverages and jam our little hearts out. it will be a lot of fun!
name :   Trish
comment :   Hey Jake, I think we owe you lunch this weekend if you are in Nashville still...MISS YOU!! Cant wait to hear your new music. :)
name :   MATIAS
comment :   The new line up sounds great, Hurry up with the cd man!!!!! Ive got people waiting on it. Also you need to change the name of your new cd, to GOOD MUSIC FOR THE PRICE OF A BURGER nEXT TIME WE MEET UP , drinks are on me, wait no , I paid last time, Drinks
name :   jaymes
comment :   you are soo great!! i side more with john lennon...but that is because i am a lover and not a fighter!!! keep on keeping on!! =]
name :   Cassidy F.
comment :   Is the Jeff Jackson that you mention playing on your CD and Jeff Jackson the tour manager the same person?
name :   MATIAS
comment :   The Dude and jake have one thing in common, do you know what it is?
name :   Belle - From Down Under
comment :   Keep the beer flowing, the music pumping. Awesome Top 8 Keep smiling Belle
name :   10 A C girl
comment :   HI Jake! Just wanted to say I love your music and I was wondering if you had any tips for me on getting started in Nashville with songwriting and singing
name :   MATIAS
comment :   Hi Jake, Thanks for the update. hope to hear some new music soon.
name :   jaymes
comment :   whoo hooo!!!! im so glad you are recording more stuff!! kick ass music for the price of a cheeseburger sounds like a great deal to me!! =]]
name :   michelle in vt
comment :   Thanks for the update. You always get me thinking...Now I need to read up on Marxists in Mexican history....Ill be looking forward to listening to the samples when you post them
name :   Just Me
comment :   Im so sad, Jake. This is just terrible. Im sorry, but my heart is broken. I hope youre okay.
name :   Christina
comment :   Just viewed some pics from last weekends show, no smiling face with glasses or hat, so sad to see. Just didnt seem right :-( Missed you!!!!!
name :   Margaret Pritchett
comment :   Awesome show at Wild Adventures in Valdosta! Thank you, Margaret
name :   marni
comment :   jake...i need a good excuse to go back to nashvegas, that way i dont feel so guilty! how bout another show soon? take care...
name :   Me
comment :   Read your news ant its so true everyone should feel special.I never do but I know good things come to those who wait.It keeps me on my feet when I think in time the best will come.
name :   Me
comment :   I hope everything goes well.I met U A couple times and U R A sweetheart. XXOO
name :   Jaxxs
comment :   Im glad to see some can move on..Its harder for good to yourself!!!
name :   DEBBIE
comment :   JAKE; Read the news, makes me so sad.Just want to say you are so talanted and HOPE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.Have you ever thought about writing books; love your letters and music!!!
name :   Sonia
comment :   Yes, come. I think you will have lots of friends at lots of shows. I have front row for Owensboro. You can sit by me.
name :   deb
comment :   Hey Jake, Just because youre not in the band anymore, that doesnt mean you cant just come hang out with us in Owensboro (in NOV). There is a bar in that hotel.
name :   Blind Willie McTell
comment :   Im singin da blues, cause I be needin me a Jake Kelly show down Nashville way real soooon. Please, just you and your guitar. (and harmonica)
name :   Cindy Waxman
comment :   I am so sad that you are not with Gary anymore, I very much enjoyed seeing you at the shows. Good luck with everything and if you come around you can count on me being there to cheer you on. GO GET EM JAKE!