name :   Jennifer Gayheart
comment :   Jake I wish you the best in all you do. You have my support. To find true happiness is to first look into yourself.
name :   skinner
comment :   Grab your guitar a bottle of Van Gogh dutch chocolate vodka and howl at the moon--Baby I will-Peace
name :   Jimmie
comment :   Hi Jake,Good luck with what you are going to do in the future and be sure to let us know when and where you are gonna be. Because we are still out here listening to your music.
name :   Lisa
comment :   Haiku for Jake - With Mad Love - Jake Kelly is the best man_____He has so much heart______My heart is aching today.
name :   Jennifer
comment :   Jake, I love you so much! I am so saddened by this news. You were the only one who I could count on to keep it real after the concerts! The only one to even say hello, or pose for a pic! Please keep us informed of your upcoming events, I would travel anyw
name :   colleen
comment :   jake,,you will be missed,,,you brought so much fun and energy to the stage....good luck to ya colleen
name :   Marie DeGrandchamp
comment :   Am saddened by your recent news...going to miss seeing your scrunched hat and friendly smile playing your guitar up there with Gary. I raise my white russian toast to wish you only great things in the future of your music! Heres to you Jake!
name :   Mary Lou
comment :   Jake, I am selfishly saddened that you will no longer be with Gary. My hubby and I truly enjoyed watching you play your guitar and joke around on stage for years! I know that this must have been difficult for you and we support you 110%. Just let us know
name :   Ally
comment :   Ok, Jake. Youre going to have to give us some details
name :   Stacy
comment :   Happy Belated Birthday my friend...hope it was a good one. Much luck in your new horizons as well...take care. :) Stacy
name :   Tammy
comment :   Jake I am listening to I Run WIth Scissors right now! I will keep listening and coming to see you! What a loss to the GA sound and vibe!
name :   Cindy
comment :   What the heck is going on? Youre not with Gary anymore? How am I going to be able to see you? C
name :   Jenn
comment :   I just cant see myself going to a Gary show without seeing you there!!! YOU are what made it so special, you always had time for us...Thank you so much for everything you do Jake, you are a wonderful person and I will miss you so very much!!!!!!!
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Jake, just read the news. I will miss you w/ Gary but I look forward to your own shows for sure. Keep us Jake fans posted on when and where youll be making appearances. Im definitely know that. Peace, brother....
name :   Matias
comment :   Jake, Im not paying another cent to see gary, Your the reason so many of us stayed around after the shows. Ill miss you my friend
name :   Julie
comment :   Man--this just stinks! I didnt get to talk to you at CountryFest in Altamont, NY. And now, just when I think theres a snowballs chance--thats gone too! We were so looking forward to meeting you at the Pepsi Roadhouse in Burgetttown, PA in November!! Guess
name :   Joanie
comment :   You will be missed that is for sure.. But I wish you all the best, cause you deserve it.
name :   Pam O.
comment :   Jake I am at a loss for words ---I cant imagine going to see GA and you not being there -you were the one that always made it seem so close & personal for us fans ---you will truly be missed there --keep making your music and we will keep buying it!!!! Lo
name :   Diane
comment :   Damn Jake. I leave you alone for a few months and what do you do? Well I wish you all the best. I just got back on the puter and looked you up. Yea I was shocked. But I do love you and you are right my friend. Its all about the music. You keep making it a
name :   Hunter in CA
comment :   The shows wont be the same without you! Hope to get to see you perform again soon! your fan, Hunter (age 8)
name :   jaxxs
comment :   I wish you the very best jake...Sometimes as bad as change is it has to happen..hang in there!!!YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!
name :   jaymes
comment :   not sure what happened, but i cant see gary without you...but i still plan on seeing you if you will perform in our area ;]
name :   YOLANDA
comment :   sorry.. sorry that you are not with them.... sorry that i will not be paying money to see the G shows that dump the one member that makes US FANS feel a PART OF... will be here fer ya! whether ya want us or not.... *wink*
name :   Vicky & Leah
comment :   Garys shows will never ever be the same Jake, and for that we are very sad. You were special to us from our very first Gary concert and we will miss seeing you with him. But we know you are a great talent in your own right and know the future holds someth
name :   marni
comment :   well, i think everything has already been said. just a little sad here. will miss seeing you with GA. but am looking forward to seeing you wherever the road takes you now! take care...
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Jake,You gave the fans so much,as an artist you respond,personally you keep us informed.When you become the front man please dont lose that! Where ever you go,I will follow. Garys had alot of losses in his life, your definately one of his greatest. Take c
name :   Darcy
comment :   Im counting on trunks of memories still to come, and trunks of CDs, and trunks of Jake Kelly show ticket stubs, ect., ect. = )
name :   gary4ever
comment :   so sorry to hear that you arent with GA anymore wish someone could explain it to us all!!!
name :   Lisa
comment :   Good luck Jake. You are great and I look forward to seeing what is next for you.
name :   SheilaJohnson72
comment :   Hey Jake~ Totally shocked by the news! I enjoyed seeing you a few times this year, and getting to hang out with you. You are an awesome musician, and youll do fine. But, its gonna seem strange not seeing you in October in Philadelphia! Take this opportun
name :   ARLETA from Iowa
comment :   Jake, you are sooo right! I AM in shock! What a sad day for The Gary Allan organization! For me, its just not going to be the same. Im completely at a loss for words. Anyway, youve always been such a sweet and TALANTED person I know Great things on in sto
name :   Amanda
comment :   Jake, Thank you SO much for all the great shows in the past few years... you are an amazing, talented musician. You will be missed!! Keep us posted & good luck with everything!! Forever A Fan Amanda
name :   Alisha
comment :   Hey Jake, I was saddened to hear the news, I am gonna miss you terribly! I wish you the best of luck in everything!
name :   Brenda in Michigan
comment :   Hey, Jake! I had to read your message several times just to make sure it was true. Good luck with all of your future plans and dont forget about all of us up north who are waiting to see you again! I always enjoyed chatting after concerts and will certain
name :   gnsmom
comment :   Hey Jake, So sorry to hear you are no longer with the GA organization. Guess Ill just have to start visiting your site more often!!
name :   deb
comment :   You were the personal touch that made us all love Gary and the Wranglers all the more. I dont want you to think that this went unoticed by Garys fans.
name :   D.O.
comment :   IM STILL IN SHOCK and TOTALLY SPEECHLESS! Good luck to you Jake. May good fortune follow your ever step. I will truly miss you. The shows just will not be the same without you.
name :   cj in kentucky
comment :   m sad beyond words....ive never had a white russian but heres to you now jake!!! Please keep posting
name :   Deborah
comment :   Best of luck to you! I will miss you at the shows. I always enjoyed your playing.
name :   SandyinTx
comment :   Jake you will be missed sooooo much. I am in shock. I still feel like I am going to wake up and hope I had been dreaming. Things will not be the same without you. Know you will live in these Texas hearts forever. Hope you do well in anything you choose to
name :   Nancy (tnsunshine)
comment :   Jake Im in shock, cant believe the email. The shows will never be the same without you. You are wonderful and you music is fantastic. Hope to see ya on your own stage soon. You will always have my support.
name :   carissa
comment :   Oh, my heart is breaking! I know you will go on and make great music and Ill go to your shows if you make it to Minnesota but I love you with Gary! Time for you to be the star... Shine Jake Shine! Best of luck!
name :   Trish
comment :   Jake, We will definitely miss you on the road with Gary...but we will find you wherever you play, I PROMISE!! :) Love, Trish
name :   sabrina
comment :   I am new fan, and I been only to one show..I met some fans that had awesome stories..I wanted to experience that...come to southern Ohio..
name :   *jules*
comment :   hey jake, i just read the news...good luck to ya & know that you will be missed sooo much! Garys shows will NOT be the same. take care & hope to see ya on the road again ;)
name :   Me
comment :   Oh jakey im not going to lie thats so sad.Keep in touch if u have any of your own shows.When U play that guitar U rock baby!! Hope to hear from U!!
name :   Steve @ Laurie
comment :   OM!!! we feel like we lost a friend. We hope the best for you in all your future adventures. We raise a toast to you. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH !!!!