name :   Alisha
comment :   Hey Jake, I was saddened to hear the news, I am gonna miss you terribly! I wish you the best of luck in everything!
name :   Brenda in Michigan
comment :   Hey, Jake! I had to read your message several times just to make sure it was true. Good luck with all of your future plans and dont forget about all of us up north who are waiting to see you again! I always enjoyed chatting after concerts and will certain
name :   gnsmom
comment :   Hey Jake, So sorry to hear you are no longer with the GA organization. Guess Ill just have to start visiting your site more often!!
name :   deb
comment :   You were the personal touch that made us all love Gary and the Wranglers all the more. I dont want you to think that this went unoticed by Garys fans.
name :   D.O.
comment :   IM STILL IN SHOCK and TOTALLY SPEECHLESS! Good luck to you Jake. May good fortune follow your ever step. I will truly miss you. The shows just will not be the same without you.
name :   cj in kentucky
comment :   m sad beyond words....ive never had a white russian but heres to you now jake!!! Please keep posting
name :   Deborah
comment :   Best of luck to you! I will miss you at the shows. I always enjoyed your playing.
name :   SandyinTx
comment :   Jake you will be missed sooooo much. I am in shock. I still feel like I am going to wake up and hope I had been dreaming. Things will not be the same without you. Know you will live in these Texas hearts forever. Hope you do well in anything you choose to
name :   Nancy (tnsunshine)
comment :   Jake Im in shock, cant believe the email. The shows will never be the same without you. You are wonderful and you music is fantastic. Hope to see ya on your own stage soon. You will always have my support.
name :   carissa
comment :   Oh, my heart is breaking! I know you will go on and make great music and Ill go to your shows if you make it to Minnesota but I love you with Gary! Time for you to be the star... Shine Jake Shine! Best of luck!
name :   Trish
comment :   Jake, We will definitely miss you on the road with Gary...but we will find you wherever you play, I PROMISE!! :) Love, Trish
name :   sabrina
comment :   I am new fan, and I been only to one show..I met some fans that had awesome stories..I wanted to experience that...come to southern Ohio..
name :   *jules*
comment :   hey jake, i just read the news...good luck to ya & know that you will be missed sooo much! Garys shows will NOT be the same. take care & hope to see ya on the road again ;)
name :   Me
comment :   Oh jakey im not going to lie thats so sad.Keep in touch if u have any of your own shows.When U play that guitar U rock baby!! Hope to hear from U!!
name :   Steve @ Laurie
comment :   OM!!! we feel like we lost a friend. We hope the best for you in all your future adventures. We raise a toast to you. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH !!!!
name :   Lissa
comment :   Best of luck to you Jake! Youll be greatly missed. If you ever find yourself in ND...look me up.
name :   liz
comment :   jake you rock plz email me
name :   Stacie, Texas
comment :   Hi Jake, the last time I saw yall was in Midland,TX, back in May. You looked to me like you were having the best time out of all of them. Keep playing, and Keep smiling. You know the old saying, a door shut is a window open...Better things are waiting ou
name :   KD
name :   kathie mucherino
comment :   just a simple vermont woman here..not much to offer other than unconditional friendship to you and the rest of the gary allan band! you all are in my heart!
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake ! Saw you guys are going to be in Toronto, Nov. 1 (not the warmest season,hun) Come a little closer and you can party at COOK COUNTY SALOON!! I replied to your email so theres more said there. Cheerio
name :   Tammy
comment :   My home is open to you to perform or just visit anytime! Owensboro KY
name :   steve & Laurie
comment :   We enjoyed our time talking Thursday @ Montage Mtn. Thanks for getting the picture signed by Gary. Laurie is in seventh heaven. Just remember we owe you that beer in Burgettstown. Thanks again
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake, Just had a game of golf score was 56. Got any other games?
name :   Just Cheryl
comment :   Yes, I got to experience almost the nosebleeds in St. Paul but it was ok. Loved the Milwaukee show, was front & center for that one. On this touring topic, maybe you can cover say 4 different points in the US and we can travel to the closest point? Ju
name :   Darcy
comment :   Jake, It was nice to see and chat with you the other night at the KY fair. The show was terrific. Take care.
name :   cg in keentucky
comment :   hey dont worry about the nosebleed section BEHIND the stage in louisville...thatss where the party was jake!!! section 316 did rock that night....YEA!!!!
name :   Carissa
comment :   Hello! Im new here but love you when you play with Gary Allan so thought Id check out your site and ended up buying some CDs! Great site!
name :   jaymes
comment :   sensei, i learn something new from you everyday it should ride that freight train in the direction of san antonio, cause that is where j.a.c. lives!!
name :   Alisha
comment :   Love the new post you put up! LOL You are something else!! See you soon!
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hows it hangin Jake? Your such a wise man,who seems to know alot about the things around you ,so why havent you got your wranglers on a frickin bus and come to CANADA? I keep asking, no response, nothing. Thanks!
name :   Brenda in Michigan
comment :   Just got back from Milwaukee. Wow!! AWESOME concert!!! You guys seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did! Cant wait until you come back to our neck of the woods again! Dont make us wait too long! :)
name :   Me
comment :   Hey most my family lives in Nash TN so keep posted about your shows im there all the time and would love to see one.
name :   
comment :   happy belated b-day from tejas!
name :   Ellen in VT
comment :   We cant wait to see you Friday in VT!!! We are counting down the days!!! On your way you should stop and enjoy the beauty of our state...It should take your breathe away...
name :   Cyndi of J.A.C
comment :   Hey there Jake just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!! See you in Texas in October!!!!
name :   Alisha
comment :   Hey Jake, glad you had a great birthday! It was great meeting you at Wellington, look forward to seeing yall in PA!
name :   marni
comment :   finally.... Happy late birthday! Hope your bday week has been great! take care of you...
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Great seeing you guys again! Hope your birthday was rockin..(it seemed to have started out that way). My best always and YES, you can sing AND write! I love your cds. They kept me company for 824 miles driving back to N.C. See you in Va. Beach. Peace...
name :   Jimmie
comment :   Hey Jake just got the new cd and bonus tracks today. It sounds great. Cant wait for you to do a show of your own closer to my area. Which is Treasure Coast of Florida. Look forward to seeing you on Sept 3rd in Valdosta Ga. thanks again Jimmie
name :   Tammy
comment :   Happy Birthday Jake and as you say when you sing Happy Birthday to us, Hope You Get Some Tonight!!!
name :   RubyRed3545
comment :   Hope your Birthday is filled with bottomless drinks and good times! Happy Birthdaaaay tooooo, YOuuuuuu!!!! (kind of off key from screaming last night at Lorain County Fair)
name :   Darcy
comment :   Hi Jake! I just wanted to drop you a line to wish you the best birthday ever. I sure hope that you have had a nice day. Also, Ill be cheering you on this Sun. in Louisville. See ya then. = )
name :   Nikki
name :   Browneyes
comment :   Happy Birthday Jake!! Keep the great music coming and hope to see you on the road soon.
name :   thomas britt
comment :   jake last night was going get those pitchers of iraq together for you.later
name :   Dawn
comment :   Jake~~thanks for another great show @ Wellington, OH. You along with the other the Alright Guys & Gary put on an amazing show....This was the best show. So glad I got to meet you last night. Youre great!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, you de
name :   MATIAS
comment :   Happy Birthday you crazy fucker, see ya on the road JAKE!!!!!!!!
name :   Vicky & Leah
comment :   Whoops! Let us be the first to say Happy Birthday Jake!! : )