name :   Jimmie
comment :   Hey Jake just got the new cd and bonus tracks today. It sounds great. Cant wait for you to do a show of your own closer to my area. Which is Treasure Coast of Florida. Look forward to seeing you on Sept 3rd in Valdosta Ga. thanks again Jimmie
name :   Tammy
comment :   Happy Birthday Jake and as you say when you sing Happy Birthday to us, Hope You Get Some Tonight!!!
name :   RubyRed3545
comment :   Hope your Birthday is filled with bottomless drinks and good times! Happy Birthdaaaay tooooo, YOuuuuuu!!!! (kind of off key from screaming last night at Lorain County Fair)
name :   Darcy
comment :   Hi Jake! I just wanted to drop you a line to wish you the best birthday ever. I sure hope that you have had a nice day. Also, Ill be cheering you on this Sun. in Louisville. See ya then. = )
name :   Nikki
name :   Browneyes
comment :   Happy Birthday Jake!! Keep the great music coming and hope to see you on the road soon.
name :   thomas britt
comment :   jake last night was going get those pitchers of iraq together for you.later
name :   Dawn
comment :   Jake~~thanks for another great show @ Wellington, OH. You along with the other the Alright Guys & Gary put on an amazing show....This was the best show. So glad I got to meet you last night. Youre great!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, you de
name :   MATIAS
comment :   Happy Birthday you crazy fucker, see ya on the road JAKE!!!!!!!!
name :   Vicky & Leah
comment :   Whoops! Let us be the first to say Happy Birthday Jake!! : )
name :   Vicky & Leah
comment :   
name :   gaohiofan
comment :   Happy Birthday Jake!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Mr Kelly...just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday...go out and enjoy the day!!!!
name :   Barney Fife w/ CCC
comment :   Jake, for your birthday, I was going to put my bullet in my pistol and shoot up in the air, but Andy told me to Nip it! So to celebrate your day, Aunt Bea is baking a cake, Im singing the b-day song, and Otis is getting tanked in your honor. Have a good o
name :   Cornfield County Gang w/CCC
comment :   Caw! Caw! Hey Jake, when youre a pickin, were a grinnin. We heard that it is your birthday today, so we wanted to send you out a big, hearty !!!S*A*L*U*T*E!!!
name :   david workman
comment :   you and gary rock .. awesome show at the lorain county fair!!!
name :   JO/TX
comment :   hey Jake!! Happy Birthday... hope its a great one----((hugs from Tx)) Jo
name :   Sheila Johnson
comment :   Hey Jake! Just stopping by to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Enjoy !!! Be Good (haha)!
name :   Roy Orbison w/ CCC
comment :   Have a good time party, dance the night away! Have a good time party, its time to laugh and play. Have a good time party Jake. Its your birthday. Good time party, good time party.
name :   The Man in the Moon w/ CCC
comment :   Hows your world spinning Jake? It seems that you have completed 1 more yr. long cycle in your life. I just wanted to give you a howl to wish you a very sunny birthday! Ill see you tonight.
name :   Bob Dylan
comment :   May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true, And though you age as we all must, May you stay forever young (at heart).
name :   Festus w/ CCC
comment :   Well tarnation Marshall, its yer birthday! I reckon we oughta mosey on over to the saloon sos that we can celebrate with a tall, frosty mug of your favorite. My treat! Happy Birthday!
name :   Conway Twitty w/ CCC
comment :   Happy birthday Darlin Ive no presents, no fancy cake, But I hope to make you happy With this wish for a great birthday!
name :   Marilyn Monroe w/ CCC
comment :   Dear JFK, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Mr.Presidential candidate. Happy birthday to YOU! MWAH!
name :   Celebrity Celebratory Committee
comment :   The CCC is proud to celebrate great life events of those that make others happy. For all you do, Jake, to bring joy to your friends and fans we honor you on your day. Happy Birthday!
name :   Jodie
comment :   Hey Jake..Received the CD and bonus tracks, good music. Looking forward to seeing you in Syracuse.
name :   michelle in VT
comment :   Hope youre having a great day! Happy Birthday!!!!!
name :   Just Cheryl
comment :   Me and my gang will be at the fair and Milwaukee this weekend. If you havent been to the MN State Fair its pretty fun. Cant wait, maybe Ill see you out and about. Have a safe trip!
name :   me
comment :   hey jake hope u r doing well.and i cant wait to get your new cd.listend to some of it online and it sounds realy good
name :   deb
comment :   Hello dont know if youve visited GA sight lately--topic there says a lot of fans want to see you open for the man
name :   TIffany
comment :   Do you still have t-shirts for sale? Seriously think about getting a myspace page. Great way to get your music out there.
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake got the bonus tracks and the me and my guitar cd. good stuff cowboy! Keep em comin. Take care, love ya.
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake, Hope your enjoying some down time!!Hope you post something soon! Cheerio, hazel_eyes457
name :   Garry
comment :   Jake,sorry for the late reply ( PC issues), I got the email. thanx
name :   CHRISTINA
name :   Ellen in VT
comment :   Okay my sis & I are doing the you buy one I by the next w/ your CD collection...So 2 weeks ago she returned a bag of clothes to me which I had first loaned to our middle sis who passed them on to her...I never opened the bag--Saturday Michelle asks how I
name :   Nikki
comment :   Hey Jake! Got your CDs, and the bonus tracks! OMG! I LOVE this stuff!! THANK YOU!!
name :   Ann
comment :   Thanks for the 2 bonus tracks... like the new CD
name :   Brenda from Michigan
comment :   Hey, Jake! Really looking forward to seeing you and the guys in Milwaukee in a couple of weeks! Will you be out and about talking to all of us? :)
name :   tnsunshine (Nancy)
comment :   Jake, can not wait to get your CD. I was late ordering and now I see you have sold out. This is good for you and a better late than never for me LOL. Fingers crossed for the shipment next week.
name :   Alisha
comment :   Hey Jake, hope you guys had a good time in Indiana. Cant wait to see yall on Sunday!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Wow Mr Kelly...that must be pretty exciting to know your popularity is growing!!!...Have a good weekend!!
name :   michelle in vt
comment :   Always love your updates. Its a balmy 66 degrees here in the north country! I still wouldnt trade it for Nashville. Got the downloads, love them, Thank you very much. Hope the beer is cold!
name :   Garry
comment :   Thanx for the heads up Jake, I just sent my order in. Sorry im as forgetful as ..sumthing really forgetful
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake, Do you guys have any plans of coming to Canada? Please say yes. Cheerio, hun
name :   marni
comment :   wow! got that CD and the mp3s lightening fast! loved reading about the moon too...its truly poetic jake. take care...
name :   Sarah
comment :   Wow! CD baby has gone International. Any plans for a trip to Asia/Australia this year. :o)
name :   Kate
comment :   Received the MP3s! LOVE that version of Today Sucks! I ADORE the CD, as well! Great job (AGAIN!) :)
name :   Melissa (nebraska)
comment :   Hey Jake, you guys were great at K.c., Mo. I wish we could have talked to ya. Miss your humor.
name :   Lisa bettar know as me
comment :   Found your music online its awesome luv the people talk trash song.I will forshure have to buy your cds.When ya going to write more?I bet U just write your thoughts and it comes out like poetry!!Its good reading.