name :   tnsunshine (Nancy)
comment :   Jake, can not wait to get your CD. I was late ordering and now I see you have sold out. This is good for you and a better late than never for me LOL. Fingers crossed for the shipment next week.
name :   Alisha
comment :   Hey Jake, hope you guys had a good time in Indiana. Cant wait to see yall on Sunday!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Wow Mr Kelly...that must be pretty exciting to know your popularity is growing!!!...Have a good weekend!!
name :   = )
comment :   Your latest news about being sold out put a big ol smile on my face. Im happy for you Jake. MAMG IS a great CD!
name :   
comment :   Dont you have any road pictures to share with us, maybe a photo or two of the new bus?.
name :   michelle in vt
comment :   Always love your updates. Its a balmy 66 degrees here in the north country! I still wouldnt trade it for Nashville. Got the downloads, love them, Thank you very much. Hope the beer is cold!
name :   Garry
comment :   Thanx for the heads up Jake, I just sent my order in. Sorry im as forgetful as ..sumthing really forgetful
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake, Do you guys have any plans of coming to Canada? Please say yes. Cheerio, hun
name :   marni
comment :   wow! got that CD and the mp3s lightening fast! loved reading about the moon too...its truly poetic jake. take care...
name :   Sarah
comment :   Wow! CD baby has gone International. Any plans for a trip to Asia/Australia this year. :o)
name :   Kate
comment :   Received the MP3s! LOVE that version of Today Sucks! I ADORE the CD, as well! Great job (AGAIN!) :)
name :   Melissa (nebraska)
comment :   Hey Jake, you guys were great at K.c., Mo. I wish we could have talked to ya. Miss your humor.
name :   Lisa bettar know as me
comment :   Found your music online its awesome luv the people talk trash song.I will forshure have to buy your cds.When ya going to write more?I bet U just write your thoughts and it comes out like poetry!!Its good reading.
name :   KASHIA
name :   A Happy Customer
comment :   Jake, I got my mp3s today. Thanks so much. You know, you really dont need a band, because YOU work magic with only a guitar and harmonica. Keep them coming.
name :   Terri from N.C.
comment :   Hey Jake, the new cd is awesome (of course). I received the mp3s...thanks so much...Take care and Ill see you in Wellington OH. Travel safely. Dude, ...word!
name :   Diana (aka... shroomie)
comment :   loving the new cd. Thanks a bunch for the bonus tracks. Have to say Im thrilled to get the acoustic of Today Sucks...Love that song.
name :   Kim Davidson
comment :   Got the bonus tracks! Thanks! And it was extra sweet cuz I forgot all about em! Love the new album--I have the entire collection, but something about the purity of this one makes it my fave.
name :   michelle in VT
comment :   Ive taken Mi Waka Wini out of the rotation....but the 5 -year old can sing most of Black Sheep - and did for the crowd at our local farm and field days tractor pulls...with his green blow up guitar which he chose to be like Garys green guitar.
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake, Hows it hangin?
name :   Darcy
comment :   Hi Jake, Enjoyed your latest news. The analogies were sweet. Bless your heart. The more I listen to the CD, the more I like it. Mi Waka Wini is the fav. of my 7yr. old. It must be a guy thing. LOL!
name :   ME
comment :   Uhhh I think my last post was cut off just a little,HAHA. How U feel today?How about a long legged blue eyed blond to go with your drink,Jokeing. stay safe on your long roads!!!
name :   ME
comment :   Read your post about the moon its beatifull.Just like gary, u write from the heart and it comes out wonderfull.I think everything is balanced it just takes amazing things to unbalence I should of read your email is not for correspondence before I s
name :   michelle in vt
comment :   Loving the new cd! My 7-year old asked if you were singing about your weenie in mi waka wini.....LOL!
name :   unknown
comment :   hi Jake the next time you write are you going to address, or answer any of the questions youve been asked? Does it bother you when people write or ask about Gary?
name :   Trish
comment :   Jake, I love ya and I bought your new CD but I think you lost me...your moon post was out there. Get some sleep and stay out of the heat. I wont give up on ya. :)
name :   unknown
comment :   How would I send a song to you?
name :   moon
comment :   thanks for the lunar ramble-LOL how much did you have to drink last night??!!-LOL
name :   jaymes
comment :   by the way..according to your latest entry...the year is 2001...i am about to have a flashback!!
name :   jaymes
comment :   about time you put some new news up...i was getting soo bored!!! sucks about the a/c...glad youre still alive & drinking!!
name :   Susie and Momma
comment :   It was great seeing you in New York.I am back in KC and looking forwrd to seeing you Aug 5.Love Ya
name :   Just Cheryl
comment :   Sorry to hear about the A/C. Bummer!! I cant go to WE Fest so have a beer for me. Its a great time up there. I will get a CD but have to wait until after vacation. See how much money I win, ha ha! Take Care!
name :   ME
comment :   I had a blast at mille lacs both nights.Your just as hot as Gary.And you rock when u play!!! XXOO
name :   marni
comment :   ive been slacking...just now ordering the new cd. so sorry!! but i cant wait to get it! hope to get to see yall play again soon! take care of you....
name :   juanita
comment :   Hey, saw yall in atlanta. Great show, Gary was awesome!!! Congrats to Seth for new baby!!
name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake, whats goin on? Hope your all well. Cant wait till you post again, love to hear about some road stories. Say hi to Gary. Cheerio! hazel_eyes457
name :   Najla
comment :   What ever happened to posting the winning essays from the contest on your site?
name :   SandyinTx
comment :   Hello Jake, hope all is well, and good luck on your new CD
name :   Favorite WY Gal
comment :   Love Ya Jake!!
name :   candi
comment :   hey jake! hope all is well in your world!! cant wait to get the new cd....take care and i will see you somewhere down the road...peace, love, and smellyflowers......
name :   sheila johnson
comment :   Hey Jake~ Just wanted to drop you a line and say hello. I got a chance to meet you when you were in Harrisburg, PA, and you signed a heart on my arm! lol I really wish you guys were coming back to PA on your own! But glad to see you guys are doing good
name :   jake kelly
comment :   hello all...still on the road, but the new disc is available now! listen, love. jake
name :
comment :   Hey Jake ,my wife Teresa & I met U at Fresno, Hope to have that beer wth. u in bakersfield.Your pal Bill
name :   juanita
comment :   where do i send you pictures?
name :   Christina
comment :   Caught Fresno,CA 7/21/06 - GREAT SHOW!,too bad such a short set. Cant wait for Bfield 12/07/06.