name :   hazel_eyes457
comment :   Hey Jake, whats goin on? Hope your all well. Cant wait till you post again, love to hear about some road stories. Say hi to Gary. Cheerio! hazel_eyes457
name :   Najla
comment :   What ever happened to posting the winning essays from the contest on your site?
name :   SandyinTx
comment :   Hello Jake, hope all is well, and good luck on your new CD
name :   Favorite WY Gal
comment :   Love Ya Jake!!
name :   candi
comment :   hey jake! hope all is well in your world!! cant wait to get the new cd....take care and i will see you somewhere down the road...peace, love, and smellyflowers......
name :   sheila johnson
comment :   Hey Jake~ Just wanted to drop you a line and say hello. I got a chance to meet you when you were in Harrisburg, PA, and you signed a heart on my arm! lol I really wish you guys were coming back to PA on your own! But glad to see you guys are doing good
name :   jake kelly
comment :   hello all...still on the road, but the new disc is available now! listen, love. jake
name :
comment :   Hey Jake ,my wife Teresa & I met U at Fresno, Hope to have that beer wth. u in bakersfield.Your pal Bill
name :   juanita
comment :   where do i send you pictures?
name :   Christina
comment :   Caught Fresno,CA 7/21/06 - GREAT SHOW!,too bad such a short set. Cant wait for Bfield 12/07/06.
name :   jaymes
comment :   yea!!!! jake we love you & totally miss you, and we are excited about the cd!!! take care on the road (dont drink & drive, ha ha)
name :   Angela
comment :   Looking forward to the new songs. People sure do leave some crazy messages here!
name :   michelle in vt
comment :   Cant wait for that cd! Question for ya, Is Vegas in Dec. 1 show or 2? There is a discrepancy on the dates between Garys site and the HOB site? Presale is supposed to begin tomorrow, really hoping for 2 shows! See you in Sept.!
name :   Jodie
comment :   Ive heard great reviews coming from the tour.
name :   michelle in VT
comment :   Hi Jake, Hope all is well out there on the road.Whats up with Vegas in Dec.? Garys site says you guys will be playing on the 1st, HOB says the 2nd. Weve even heard rumors of two shows...Ive all ready booked the trip, just need to buy tickets for the show(
name :   jake kelly
comment :   hello all. on the road, so i have to post here. new cd available in just days! stay tuned. jake
name :   Sara
comment :   Great job in Vegas!! Wow.. what a show!!
name :   Cyndi...J.A.C.
comment :   Just stopping by to say Hi and hope all is good where ever yall may be!
name :   lana peck,china spring,texas
comment :   you are just to cute. i saw you guys in shiner,texas and i had a great time that was my first concert, and there will be more. be safe until i see you guys again. thanks
name :   Lizzy
comment :   hey Jake whats up. how is Gary doing? call me sometime. i will give you my cell number sometime on your site. and remeber i was the girl that asked you for a hug.
name :   Festus
comment :   Hey Marshall, you inspired me. Im going to see Dylan next month. Wish you could go too.
name :   jrmga47
comment :   bout time you rolled out from under the keg with more news, thanks!! Glad to c u up and about. C U in Atlanta!!!
name :   becky
comment :   in the video ill take today video whos the girl with gary?
name :   becky
comment :   Het Jake, Whats shakin? Do you have a web cam?
name :   marni
comment :   well Jake, i couldnt be more excited about the new CD and cant wait to get my mitts on it! my anticipation is growing! take care of you...
name :   hazel eyes
comment :   Whats going on Jake? Hope you and the boys are doing well. Your solo stuff is awesome! You need to check in more,I know things are hectic, but dont we deserve at least a daily good morning, lol hazel eyes
name :   tammy r
comment :   Just stopped to say hi. Do all you guys bring laptops with ya on the road? How often do you keep in touch with your families, it must be hard being away from them as much as you are. has gary started dating again?
name :   blue_eyes_in_KY
comment :   Hey Jake, I thought it might be of interest to you that your cds are selling for a pop on ebay! You have hit the big time my friend!
name :   Heather Chesney
comment :   Whats the job you guys are doing playing and singing.keep touching peoples lives. you rock my socks.
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Just wanted to say be safe out there..long road trips ahead..Hope you enjoy the new bus...When are we going to get the lyrics for the new cd??
name :   Just Cheryl
comment :   Hi Jake, Sounds like you had a great, well deserved vacation. Thanks for sharing about the new bus and keep us updated on your cds. Have a great day!
name :   michelle in vt
comment :   You guys rocked Altamont, it was well worth the trip! (I even laid off the coffee for once.) See you in VT on 09/01.
name :   becky
comment :   Hey Handsome, hows it going? Wish all things well. I just wanted to say your bio could reveal some more info. Let us know about you , what you like and dont.
name :   jaymes
comment :   funny you should mention a road trip...amanda, cyndi & i already have one in the works to see you guys!!! c-ya later & take care!
name :   rachael schich
comment :   u rock!!!!!!
name :   Jackie
comment :   Hey Jake, Hows it goin? Does Gary ever read his emails? When the hell are you coming to Edmonton, AB (Canada)?
name :   michelle m
comment :   hi jake, wishing you an awesome summer, glad you got some r and r. hope to see you guys in CA. in december.....
name :   Jenn
comment :   Hey Jake! Hope all is well in your world!
name :   Tammy
comment :   Great news on the cd cant wait to get this one. Have fun christening the new bus!
name :   blue_eyes_in_KY
comment :   Thanks for the updates Jake! I cant wait to see the new bus. Have a safe trip to NY cant wait til you are in neck of the woods again!
name :   Ellen
comment :   My sis Michelle (coffee drinker) & I (shameless drunk) will be hitting the road to see you again Sat @ Altamont--cant wait--you are SO WORTH THE TRIP!!!! Dont worry shes the driver!!!!!!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Mr Kelly...just wanted to wish you a Happy 4th. Hope your day ends in a big bang!!!! Enjoy your day!
name :   jaymes
comment :   i just had to stop by and wish my favorite presidential candidate a happy forth! take care & be cool! love ya
name :   Darcy
comment :   Jake, I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. Enjoy yourself!
name :   Just Cheryl
comment :   Hi Jake, Im anxiously awaiting a news update. Just kidding, just wanted to give you some crap. Have a great 4th of July!!
name :   Michelle
comment :   Happy Independence Day Mr. Kelly... peace!
name :   Pam O.
comment :   Hey Jake just stopped in to say HI!! Take care see you somewhere down the road - hopefully sometime soon!