name :   Michelle
comment :   Just stopping by to say hi.. and glad that DeDe and I got the chance to chat with you in Shiner. Peace ;-)
name :   Medusatx
comment :   Hey Jake, Its been along time, The site looks great! Hope your doing well. Later, Miria
name :   Pam O.
comment :   Hey Jake - just thought I would stop by and say HI!! Looks like we wont be seeing your smiling face until August ---long wait but I will try to survive!
name :   Amanda
comment :   Just wanted to tell you thanks for making all the fans feel special. Tell the other ones to take notes! See you in San Antonio and I will be practicing my margarita making for you!
name :   jaymes
comment :   jake in 08! you were great in shiner! im glad you liked the sign. you totally rock! amanda, cyndi and i cant wait to see ya in june again. take care, love ya!
name :   Marni
comment :   So Jake, how many seconds can you last??? All I can say is, Im way beyond brilliant!
name :   Jo/TX
comment :   Hey Jake...great to see you in Shiner! Hope we have a chance to catch up in Midland Friday... JO
name :   Darcy
comment :   Me again, your fav. stalker. Thats right. Im here often. You can count on that.;)Was wondering if youll be singing your new stuff in June? My interest is piqued. Luv ya!
name :   Ryan
comment :   Hey Jake! Just wanted to thank you for the hot show up in sault ste. marie in march.. had a blast hangin out with ya at the rapids lounge!!! Thanks Again!!
name :   jaxxs
comment :   So Mr Kelly...looks like you will be hiding out in TX this weekend...Im sure the weekend will be filled with nothing but fun and overflowing with many libations...better be careful you never know whats around the next corner....LOL. Have a good weekend!!!
name :   todddroze
comment :   By the way... You could REPLACE that old truck with a new Dodge or Jeep. Brian or myself can get you a good deal.
name :   todddroze
comment :   My friend from work (Brian Graybeal) talks about you from time to time. He keeps telling me that I need to check out your website. I finally made it...Hope I like it.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Oh Jake, I post on here so much that people are going to think Im stalking you. So what. I just had to tell you how excited I am about the prospects of CD#4. Id even be willing to put down a deposit on my copy to get it faster. Love ya!
name :   Tammy
comment :   Thanks for the update, new song is reading well! Mountain cabin, hhmm
name :   Sandy
comment :   Hi Jake, just wanted to say hi. Saw you in Connecticut, was very nice to meet all of you. Ill see you in Nashville at Fan Fair.
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake long time no talk. How are you? Done any cat herding lately? Hope that you have your truck fixed. Cant wait till Mike gets his cd done. Hope to see you down the road, take care and be good if you can.
name :   jaymes
comment :   its been over a month since we saw you last, so we are really looking forward to seeing you rock the house in shiner on saturday! much love, stay cool!
name :   Angela
comment :   You were entertaining as always last Monday!!!! But your hat was filthy!
name :   Ellen
comment :   Would you rather a have GREAT coffe (yours) and a bad truck (ford) or a GREAT beer (Miller Lite) and a GREAT truck (chevy) Sisterly LOVE!!!
name :   michelle
comment :   Im sorry about the truck, now you can get that Ford! By the way, you make great coffee.
name :   Cyndi
comment :   Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that you are great with the fans! Keep up the good work!
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Enjoyed your News. Do you have a good mechanic? You sound like such a Rascal, Jake. Took a lot of guts to get back out on that stage. Hope to see you at the Mercy Lounge Peace Out!!
name :   terri king
comment :   Hey Jake, Angela and I will see u @ the Mercy Lounge. How much to get in? Their web site doesnt say. Oooo, we cant wait!!
name :   Sarah
comment :   Still going through the cds.. figured out who I think you sound like..(I like their music) but dont want to offend you.. Love the Zebra Pic! Funny as sh*t!
name :   terri king
comment :   Hi Jake!
name :   saffron1
comment :   love the new photos
name :   jaymes
comment :   is that a zeedonk in the picture? i love it and you are great and amanda, cyndi and i cant wait to see you in shiner! well be sunburned by then, but well be there!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Thats a sweet(and funny)news story, even with the bad words. I find that laughter is the best medicine for a bad day. P.S. I think you were very brave to walk back out on that stage. Not many would have.
name :   Lissa
comment :   Love the new pic Jake! That is so cool! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods...hoping something shows up on the schedule for up north! Take care!
name :   Deb
comment :   Hey Jake, making plans for coming to Nashville in June. Are we going to be able to see hear you perform the night before the GA concert? Hope so! Please let us know. Thanks
name :   Darcy
comment :   From the looks of the homepage, you must have finished your homework. Its time to play! I just want to thank you for all the great tidbits.
name :   jakesangel
comment :   Hey! Sorry I missed you last night :0( Hope to catch you in june! Glad Tammy said hi for me though!
name :   jaymes
comment :   if it werent for you, id get a lot more work done. where are you finding these clips?! we smurfing love them! see you down in tx soon!
name :   Tammy
comment :   I just hope you were not in the Donkey Bar in Tijuana with that Zebra!
name :   Shroomie
comment :   Jake, I am loving the new pics. Thanks for adding some candid shots... the behind the scenes stuff is great. Oh and I loved the news story about the boy with autism. Very inspiring. Thanks
name :   Cyndi
comment :   I agree with Olivia it is all about you and Levi and of course Gary!! Cant wait to see you in Shiner!!! Hugs and Kisses!
name :   Olivia
comment :   Jake Tell Ana who wants to know more about the drummer that its all about you and LEVI! Hello!
name :   stefanie (RacecarMommy)
comment :   Jake where can I send ya some photos from Sundays show?
name :   Stefanie (RacecarMommy)
comment :   Howdy Jake! It was so great seein you on Sunday. You made my birthday great. Love N Smooches!
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Thank you Jake for the Andy Kaufman clip. Boy that really took me back, I remember watching that for the first time on SNL and laughing my but off. Same thing today. Peace Out Jake
name :   Jennifer barr
comment :   It was great to meet you in Harrisburg. You made my daughters 12th birthday one she will never forget!!
name :   Mary Lou
comment :   GREAT SHOW in New Concord...Love the new funnies on the site..Have a GREAT one :)
name :   Sheila
comment :   Hey Jake...just wanted to say thanks for the heart you drew on my arm tonight at the Harrisburg, PA show! Take it easy!
name :   Scott Happensack
comment :   Hey Jake! Had a great time at Muskingum college...hopefully ill see you all again...well get all drunked up...alright later
name :   Anna
comment :   I saw you preform at Muskingum College last night at the Gary Allan Concert. It was awesome!!! I talked to you after the concert and you signed my shirt. I was wondering what the name of your drummer is and if he has a website of his own? So if you could
name :   Allison
comment :   Hey. I saw you at the Gary Allan concert at Muskingum College. You signed my friends and I shirts. You were really really cool!!!
name :   Chris
comment :   Hey Jake! Love the site its awesome! Anyway got to catch the show in Jim Thorpe Pa a few weeks ago. It was awesome (was hopin it would be a little longer but great anyway)although I was only fermilliar with two of garys cd.s Ive spent the last month since
name :   michelle
comment :   everytime I hear that song... I think about how in the world does the little lamb ride through the sky on the red streak from his cape?
name :   marni
comment :   hey jake...interesting clips i must say! hope yall have a great weekend of shows... including mondays shindig!
name :   phillycowgirl
comment :   an old friend just wanted to say hi. hope youve been having a rockin time. T.