name :   Jennifer barr
comment :   It was great to meet you in Harrisburg. You made my daughters 12th birthday one she will never forget!!
name :   Mary Lou
comment :   GREAT SHOW in New Concord...Love the new funnies on the site..Have a GREAT one :)
name :   Sheila
comment :   Hey Jake...just wanted to say thanks for the heart you drew on my arm tonight at the Harrisburg, PA show! Take it easy!
name :   Scott Happensack
comment :   Hey Jake! Had a great time at Muskingum college...hopefully ill see you all again...well get all drunked up...alright later
name :   Anna
comment :   I saw you preform at Muskingum College last night at the Gary Allan Concert. It was awesome!!! I talked to you after the concert and you signed my shirt. I was wondering what the name of your drummer is and if he has a website of his own? So if you could
name :   Allison
comment :   Hey. I saw you at the Gary Allan concert at Muskingum College. You signed my friends and I shirts. You were really really cool!!!
name :   Chris
comment :   Hey Jake! Love the site its awesome! Anyway got to catch the show in Jim Thorpe Pa a few weeks ago. It was awesome (was hopin it would be a little longer but great anyway)although I was only fermilliar with two of garys cd.s Ive spent the last month since
name :   michelle
comment :   everytime I hear that song... I think about how in the world does the little lamb ride through the sky on the red streak from his cape?
name :   marni
comment :   hey jake...interesting clips i must say! hope yall have a great weekend of shows... including mondays shindig!
name :   phillycowgirl
comment :   an old friend just wanted to say hi. hope youve been having a rockin time. T.
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Jake...hope you had a good easter...was okay here ever have one of those days where you find out things are not what they seem..well it was one of those weekends for me...Hope all is spinning well in your world.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Happy Easter Jake!
name :   CRYSTAL
name :   Texas Meg
comment :   Hey jake i just saw that your show is the day before Garys Fan Club Party, i will be in nashville as will many other gary fans. I am so excited to see your show cant wait, see ya june 5
name :   Amanda
comment :   FYI Jake.....the hot chicks are in Texas!
name :   Tammy
comment :   Hope you guys got your BOURBON and you got your scissors in Paducah, gave them to Mike Webb. Great show, bad venue!
name :   Trish
comment :   Hey you- thanks for the round in Paducah, you rock! Dont worry, your MOJO is fully intact...the hot chicks love you!! See you in a few weeks. :)
name :   Carin Huff
comment :   Thanks for giving Gary the bracelet in Paducah, Ky for me and my husband! You are the best. Husband says youre awesome! Thank you!
name :   Angela
comment :   How are the other losers? You guys were great in Paducah! Looking forward to the next Loser showcase!
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hello Jake, Hope to see you on June 5th. Me and a friend will be rolling into Nashville on that date and I am looking forward to catching your show.
name :   KJ
comment :   howdy mr. Jake --- just wanted to say we appreciated you guys coming up to the northeast this weekend! you guys put on a great show and you seem to be pretty down to earth people -- very refreshing! We had awesome seats --- sort of front row (if there is
name :   julie from Iowa
comment :   Thanks for the update ant the post it really hope to catch you Monday night june 5-very excited for the trip to TN-sounds like it will be unforgettable!! julie
name :   jaymes
comment :   forgot to mention that amanda, cyndi & i are making a special sign for you at the shiner show in may. also, we will see you in houston in june. just look for hot chicks in the front row, youll know its us. love ya still!
name :   Juanita Rollins
comment :   You sing great. Love the cd I run with scissors.
name :   Tammy
comment :   Cant wait for YOUR show n June & hopefully April. C U Sat n Paducah, I have something sharp for U!
name :   a big fan
comment :   Im very excited about the announcement of a show in June!
name :   emily
comment :   hey! its emily! I hope you remember me. I miss you a whole lot and cant wait to see you again. ill see you later
name :   Julie Doland
comment :   was wondering if youll be doing any showcases or performances the week of june 5-9-never been to TN would like to catch you one night if you are please let us know, traveling from IA trying to make the best of our trip!!
name :   colleen
comment :   hi,,i was talking to you after the waterbury show,,,your website is great
name :   hilde
comment :   i l.o.v.e. u!!!!!!!
name :   Jennifer Betzer
comment :   Jake, Thank you for being such a great sport with your fans! Any time I have seen you, you are right in the middle of them all! Last night when Amber and I came up to you and gave you hugs, you didnt hesitate and Amber was truly excited! Oh ok so was I :)
name :   sjaymes
comment :   are you a fan of e.e. cummings? thats a total compliment. you are awesome! amanda, cyndi & i will see you in shiner & san antonio soon. love ya!
name :   Marni
comment :   Love the new remix!
name :   shannon hilburn
comment :   I enjoyed meeting you for the second time on 3/24 in Ruston,La. Thanks for giving us a moment of your time. The show was awesome!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Jake, I have a theory about the meaning behind your Mary article link. Ill find out if Im correct the next time I speak with you. If I am, tisk, tisk!
name :   Tammy
comment :   They Hang Elephants In TN !!! My family is from the Blueridge Mountains, have to ask the elders about that one!
name :   Michele
comment :   Jake, Caught the show in Ruston, as well as the flu! You guys were awesome. Had a small fender-bender on the way out, which was a sucky way to end the greatness. How bout comin to ARK to make it up to me! :)
name :   marni
comment :   So whats up with the hanging elephant? Anyway, I like your front page and letter to Buck. He will be greatly missed by so many....
name :   Kandy
comment :   I clicked on the store link so I could purchase your Bitter.... party of one but I could only find I run with Scissors and I shouldnt Talk when I drink. How can I get the others?
name :   Kandy
comment :   I just saw yall on Saturday in Austin. Great show. I am sorry to hear about Buck, he was a wonderful musician who paved the way for many musicians. God bless him.
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake like the new site.Its pretty cool. Hope to see you down the road soon. Take care.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Ahh..spring, a time of change, rosebuds burst w/beautiful blooms, song fills the air, and some mighty fine pics of my fav. indi artist show up. I love spring! :)
name :   SandyinTX
comment :   Hey Jake, if you get this message. I hope to see yall tomorrow night in Beaumont. Brenda and I will be sitting outside the front door crying to get tickets to get in. So if you dont see us up front. You will know where we are.
name :   Tammy
comment :   Like those pix in yellow leather shirt and white hat. Lovin the changing roses!
name :   Dawn
comment :   Hey Jake, I love the new website! It looks great!! Just wanting to wish you the best of luck!! Cant wait to see you, Gary & the rest of HTW at the fan club concert, Its been awhile since Ive got to see you guys. Way back in sept. 05 @ Mansfield, In.
name :   gacutie
comment :   Jake I LOVE THE REMIX!!! LOL You are awesome!!! See ya soon...I gotta go find some more goodies ;) Jenn
name :   Amanda
comment :   Hey just wanted to say see you in Austin this weekend! Oh and join myspace! Load your music and we can pimp you all over the world. Pimp in the good sense of the word!
name :   Mary Lou
comment :   I found 2 of the extras you were talking about...The Chevy Show and the Foggy Mountain Breakdown..thanks
name :   Tammy
comment :   Rap?????
name :   deb
comment :   Jake love the new look. So glad that your show went well. Would have loved to have been there but plans fell through at the last minute...maybe next time.