name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake like the new site.Its pretty cool. Hope to see you down the road soon. Take care.
name :   Darcy
comment :   Ahh..spring, a time of change, rosebuds burst w/beautiful blooms, song fills the air, and some mighty fine pics of my fav. indi artist show up. I love spring! :)
name :   SandyinTX
comment :   Hey Jake, if you get this message. I hope to see yall tomorrow night in Beaumont. Brenda and I will be sitting outside the front door crying to get tickets to get in. So if you dont see us up front. You will know where we are.
name :   Tammy
comment :   Like those pix in yellow leather shirt and white hat. Lovin the changing roses!
name :   Dawn
comment :   Hey Jake, I love the new website! It looks great!! Just wanting to wish you the best of luck!! Cant wait to see you, Gary & the rest of HTW at the fan club concert, Its been awhile since Ive got to see you guys. Way back in sept. 05 @ Mansfield, In.
name :   gacutie
comment :   Jake I LOVE THE REMIX!!! LOL You are awesome!!! See ya soon...I gotta go find some more goodies ;) Jenn
name :   Amanda
comment :   Hey just wanted to say see you in Austin this weekend! Oh and join myspace! Load your music and we can pimp you all over the world. Pimp in the good sense of the word!
name :   Mary Lou
comment :   I found 2 of the extras you were talking about...The Chevy Show and the Foggy Mountain Breakdown..thanks
name :   Tammy
comment :   Rap?????
name :   deb
comment :   Jake love the new look. So glad that your show went well. Would have loved to have been there but plans fell through at the last minute...maybe next time.
name :   anna
comment :   hey jake, cant wait to see you next friday at rabbs! give us a good show!!!
name :   
comment :   Jake, Wish I could have been there for your first show. I was thinking about you if that counts and always...wishing you much happiness
name :   Jaxxs
comment :   Just wanted to Say Happy St Patricks Day....I know..I know...another reason to drink and be merry huh?...have
name :   Lissa
comment :   WOW! Love the new layout Jake!! Its awesome! Wish I couldve been there Tuesday, but know that youve got my support all the way Jake!! Congrats on a great show!
name :   Priscilla
comment :   Hey Jake, your website is looking great. Cant wait to hear some more sound bites and check out all your new photos. Pris
name :   Sarah
comment :   I like the new look! Change is good. Looking forward to hearing your cds. (my aunt is enjoying them in the meantime lol!)Im all for the downloads. Take care.
name :   gacutie
comment :   hey jake! The site looks great! Wouldnt expect any less ;) Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks in Panama City!! Take Care! Jenn :)
name :   me-shell ma-belle
comment :   WOW, first a fantastic show and then finding the CAPS LOCK key all in one week. Dude, you are on a roll!!!
name :   Dan Drew
comment :   Love the Buck Owens Red & White & Blue guitar. Hope to catch you on the road with Gary Alan again soon...had a blast hangin out last time! ....time for a drink...
name :   jaxxs
comment :   just wanted to say you did a good job the other night...Wish I knew more about that Todd Olsen he was great!!
name :   Marni
comment :   Jake, you and the other losers were absolutely spectacular on Tues! My adventures in Nash wouldnt have been complete w/o seeing you!
name :   Angela
comment :    gas+ $??? drinks+ cover+ 377 miles driven+ 2 days off work(unpaid) = 5 songs from Jake. Somehow I still think it was worth it! :-) Very entertaining show last night!
name :   Cindy (hockerclan)
comment :   Hey Jake, the site is looking awesome!!! Cant wait to see yall in June at the fan club party. COME TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!
name :   Tammy
comment :   You were great last night. I was honored to be there to support you, I love your style.
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hey it is me again. I clicked on etc. and the picture I sent you is on there, I am so excited. Jake you made my day. It is the one of you out front with your candy apple red guitar. Peace Out.
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hello My Friend. How did the show go last night? I cannot wait to read your next letter. See you at the Factory in June.
name :   Hey Jake!
comment :   Hope you had a blast last night at your show== Love the new site layout! See ya in Tx soon-- Jo
name :   Darcy
comment :   3/14/06 WOW! Great show! You really must do it again sometime.
name :   Rhonda
comment :   Wanted to thank you for the great show you,the band,and gary put on in SSM. My girls first. Thank you
name :   harley
comment :   good luck tpnite
name :   K from CA
comment :   Hey Jake--love the new website--but I love the fact more that you might do a CA show soon!!!--that would be soooooo great....
name :   steve
comment :   Jake you were as cool in person as your writings are entertaining. Saw you at Penns Peak and got to shake your hand. If it ever comes to JAKE IN 08 you got my vote!!! KEEP ROCKING!!!!
name :   Mary Lou
comment :   The new website looks AMAZING..Good luck this week, sorry I cant make it to the shows.
name :   CY in Texas
comment :   Jake, I love the layout of your webpage.
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow night...Have fun and enjoy the night!!!
name :   Linda
comment :   Saw you in SSM Thurs. You guys were great. Please say hi to Levi from Linda & Cathy.
name :   Brenda Mueller
comment :   Its me again. Thursday night in SSM you were asking about a DJ in Traverse City. Her name is Ryan Dobry. She is still in the area-just a different station. I have her contact info. Email me at if youre still interested.
name :   Debbie in Michigan
comment :   Hi Jake -- great seeing you the other night in sault ste marie! the weather was cold, but the show was HOT! hope you enjoyed your beer - sorry we didnt get to chat longer!! maybe next time :)
name :   Debbie
comment :   hi jake - just got back from the sault ste marie ... the show was HOT, the HTW sounded great! hope you enjoyed the beer, sorry we didnt get a chance to chat!
name :   Brenda Mueller
comment :   Just got back from your Sault Ste. Marie concert! Nothing short of awesome! I cant believe how down to earth all of you are! I promised you that Id check out your site. Oh, Im the brave girl who strolled right up to the stage while you guys were rehearsin
name :   Brittany
comment :   Hey Jake Whats Up You Are My Fav Out Of HTW Soooo Hope You Are A Great Time Hope I Can I See You Guys In Concert Sometime This Year Well Have A Great Weekend And Please Say Hi To Gary And Brian For Me.L8R Brittany
name :   Lissa aka Popsicle
comment :   Hey Jake, just wanted to say hi, hope things are going well for you...wish I could be in Nashville in March but its not looking good at the moment. Take care & find your way back to ND! Popsicle
name :   deb
comment :   Hi Jake, just saw that you guys are due back in Owensboro in Nov. Cant wait!!! Last year was GREAT.
name :   Norina
comment :   Hey, I saw you guys play at Twin Towns, Australia. GREAT..You actually got a pick from Garys stand and gave it to my daughter, thank you, she had me put it on a chain for her... Hope you guys are planning to come back to OZ soon, cause I cant wait to actu