name :   jaxxs
comment :   Just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow night...Have fun and enjoy the night!!!
name :   Linda
comment :   Saw you in SSM Thurs. You guys were great. Please say hi to Levi from Linda & Cathy.
name :   Brenda Mueller
comment :   Its me again. Thursday night in SSM you were asking about a DJ in Traverse City. Her name is Ryan Dobry. She is still in the area-just a different station. I have her contact info. Email me at if youre still interested.
name :   Debbie in Michigan
comment :   Hi Jake -- great seeing you the other night in sault ste marie! the weather was cold, but the show was HOT! hope you enjoyed your beer - sorry we didnt get to chat longer!! maybe next time :)
name :   Debbie
comment :   hi jake - just got back from the sault ste marie ... the show was HOT, the HTW sounded great! hope you enjoyed the beer, sorry we didnt get a chance to chat!
name :   Brenda Mueller
comment :   Just got back from your Sault Ste. Marie concert! Nothing short of awesome! I cant believe how down to earth all of you are! I promised you that Id check out your site. Oh, Im the brave girl who strolled right up to the stage while you guys were rehearsin
name :   Brittany
comment :   Hey Jake Whats Up You Are My Fav Out Of HTW Soooo Hope You Are A Great Time Hope I Can I See You Guys In Concert Sometime This Year Well Have A Great Weekend And Please Say Hi To Gary And Brian For Me.L8R Brittany
name :   Lissa aka Popsicle
comment :   Hey Jake, just wanted to say hi, hope things are going well for you...wish I could be in Nashville in March but its not looking good at the moment. Take care & find your way back to ND! Popsicle
name :   deb
comment :   Hi Jake, just saw that you guys are due back in Owensboro in Nov. Cant wait!!! Last year was GREAT.
name :   Norina
comment :   Hey, I saw you guys play at Twin Towns, Australia. GREAT..You actually got a pick from Garys stand and gave it to my daughter, thank you, she had me put it on a chain for her... Hope you guys are planning to come back to OZ soon, cause I cant wait to actu
name :   judy
comment :   I saw you guys at the casino in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. Cold night. Grreat show!
name :   judy ryan
comment :   what talent ! Your playing is such a joy to listen to, I play you guys alllllll day.
name :   Tammy
comment :   Excited about your show in March, cant wait!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Today is 2/28/06. That means just 2 more weeks. Yeeeee Hawwwww! Im excited. I wish it was 60 min. instead of 30, but I guess beggars cant be choosers. See ya then.
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Jake....Been some time since I have been to a show.Sounds like your world is very busy. Dont think there will be many shows for me...not many seem to be happening in my area. Just wanted to say hey....looks like you guys soon return to the road and th
name :   Veronica
comment :   I wish my Saturday had been lazy. I spent it with my daughters girl scout troup at Space Center Houston. Jake, you ever been out to the Space Center? Really Cool!
name :   Sarah Stuck in Asia Til April, Arrrgghhh!
comment :   Wow! More Sounds nice! You sound a little like someone else, havent been able to put my finger on it yet! I like it! Hey CMA Fan Fair in June! Hope you see you all there! :o)
name :   SandyinTX
comment :   Jake, i always enjoy your news letters.It has been a lazy Saturday.Hope to see you soon.
name :   Schyler
comment :   Hey Jake! Miss you boys down here in Texas!
name :   CY in TX
comment :   Oops! Jake, I blinked. I hope you had a great time in Hendersonville!! Oops, I blinked again. Im looking forward to seeing you, Gary and the Honky Tonk Wranglers soon.
name :   deb
comment :   Since Ive been keeping you up to date..I have received my CDs..I really like them...havent decided on a fav sister heard irws and took it right out of the player to have for her very own.. Ill be listening..
name :   jake
comment :   yep, saw the slip-up, and i got it corrected. thanks. the correct date is february 21st, this tuesday. jake.
name :   Marni
comment :   Jake, my dear... is the show with Matt February 21 or March 21??? Your front page and your news has both dates... whenever it is, I cant wait! :-)
name :   Veronica
comment :   I met you in Hearne TX. last year. You were so nice to me and my daughter. We went to see you in LA. on the 10th, loved it again. Now we are planning our next show. See you soon and hopefully catch you after the show!!!!
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Just wanted to drop you a line and say Hello, wish I could see you perform on March 14th. Please come back to North Carolina soon...
name :   Meg (Texas)
comment :   Hey jake great show on Feb.11. I sat on the left so i didnt get to see you as much as i normally do. You came over there once and i waved at you hope you saw.(girl in the white dress). Ready for another year, see ya in Ruston then Austin.
name :   Deb
comment :   Hey Jake- sorry to hear about your postage stamp shortage. I am waiting patiently for my CDs. The good news is that if you ran out of CDs then people are buying them!! Someone must be doing something right.
name :   Maddey
comment :   Hey Jake, do you have myspace page? at I just love your emails, you have the best personality ever...and It would be great to see you haVe your own page, so everyone can enjoy your sense of humor....Just a suggestion, I know your busy but if
name :   Shonda
comment :   hey jake - glad to hear you are doing so well, sounds like youve been busy! Hope to see you in Nashville on the 14th - sounds like a great time! Best wishes...
name :   Kristy
comment :   Hey Jake! Counting the days til Feb 10th to see you guys! My first concert! Bug hugs
name :   Marni
comment :   Heard ya sing in Nashville tonight via phone! You sounded great! :)
name :   Tammy
comment :   Have a great show tonight in Nashville with Matt Warren and friends!
name :   SandyinTx
comment :   Hey Jake, cant wait to hear yall in Kinder,La Feb 10th at the Caushatta. Im glad yall are back on the road. Hope to run into you.
name :   Kandy
comment :   Cant wait to see you in March. You gotta love Texas!!
name :   Kandy
comment :   Great music. Keep it up. See ya soon! Howdy from Texas.
name :   deb
comment :   Met you in passing at concert- hmmm nice guy- didnt know you sang- found website by accident- listened to clips of music-I think I like- ordered CD- will listen intently
name :   gacutie
comment :   Hey Jake! Hoping to see ya in Nashville in March!!! *crossing my fingers* Hope all is well! Take care! Jenn :)
name :   Lissa
comment :   Looking forward to seeing you again in Feb. Jake! Word to the wise, pack lots of warm clothes...its been cold up here in ND! See ya @ 4 Bears!
name :   Red
comment :   I see Blackjack, a redhead, and a cold beer in your future...... not bad ;-) See ya in a few weeks darlin
name :   De De
comment :   save me a sip from that precious red solo cup in thackerville mr. jake as michelle and i have a kinky gift for you. looking forward to it!!
name :   Rhonda
comment :   Hello Jake, I look forward to seeing you,the wranglers, and Gary for the first time live in MN (both nights). My husband and I will be celebrating 23 yrs together (your 15 plus yrs with Gary is great). That many years together you guys have also had you
name :   Anna Lee
comment :   Hey Jake! Cant wait to see you on Feb. 10th. What a great birthday present for me!Its been 3 months scince I have seen you guys, so I am really excited!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Woooohooooo! Your own show is great news Jake. Im so happy for you. Break a leg! (Not really, but you know what I mean.)
name :   Kristy
comment :   Hi jake, You talk about Mardi gras, well I hope you came to New Orleans for that. Its a blast!Well Now it wont be the same this year for mardi gras. BIG HUGS!
name :   Mary Katherine
comment :   I just learned of this site from a fan on Garys web board...I spent endless minutes reading your reports Jake, laughing many times over! Thanks for sharing your tales and your excellent talent, as soon as I get a job again Ill buy all of your CDs. Thanks
name :   Kristy
comment :   Hi jake! I just wanted to tell you all Thanks for thinking of us down south in New Orleans! I am from New Orleans and let me tell you, its not the same. We lost pretty much everything. We are now living in Houma with my sister.Most parts of New Orleans is
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake hows life treating you, me ok. Just wanted to say hi. Hope your enjoying your time off. Be good and take care of your self.
name :   Shawna
comment :   This is my second attempt to post.Thanks for warming us up in Breckenridge.Meeting you and seeing the show made the drive home in the snow worth it!!Also, my picture with you turned out great.