name :   Red
comment :   I see Blackjack, a redhead, and a cold beer in your future...... not bad ;-) See ya in a few weeks darlin
name :   De De
comment :   save me a sip from that precious red solo cup in thackerville mr. jake as michelle and i have a kinky gift for you. looking forward to it!!
name :   Rhonda
comment :   Hello Jake, I look forward to seeing you,the wranglers, and Gary for the first time live in MN (both nights). My husband and I will be celebrating 23 yrs together (your 15 plus yrs with Gary is great). That many years together you guys have also had you
name :   Anna Lee
comment :   Hey Jake! Cant wait to see you on Feb. 10th. What a great birthday present for me!Its been 3 months scince I have seen you guys, so I am really excited!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Woooohooooo! Your own show is great news Jake. Im so happy for you. Break a leg! (Not really, but you know what I mean.)
name :   Kristy
comment :   Hi jake, You talk about Mardi gras, well I hope you came to New Orleans for that. Its a blast!Well Now it wont be the same this year for mardi gras. BIG HUGS!
name :   Mary Katherine
comment :   I just learned of this site from a fan on Garys web board...I spent endless minutes reading your reports Jake, laughing many times over! Thanks for sharing your tales and your excellent talent, as soon as I get a job again Ill buy all of your CDs. Thanks
name :   Kristy
comment :   Hi jake! I just wanted to tell you all Thanks for thinking of us down south in New Orleans! I am from New Orleans and let me tell you, its not the same. We lost pretty much everything. We are now living in Houma with my sister.Most parts of New Orleans is
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake hows life treating you, me ok. Just wanted to say hi. Hope your enjoying your time off. Be good and take care of your self.
name :   Shawna
comment :   This is my second attempt to post.Thanks for warming us up in Breckenridge.Meeting you and seeing the show made the drive home in the snow worth it!!Also, my picture with you turned out great.
name :   Shawna
comment :   Jake, thanks for the autograph and picture. You really warmed us up in Breckenridge. Our drive back to Western Co.was a little snowy, but meeting you and seeing the show made it all worth it!
name :   Sarah
comment :   Hi, Jake! I was lucky enough to see you for he first time with Gary Allan on the 2005 tour. I had blast. I have a few really nice photos of the Twin Town show. Take care.
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hello Jake, Happy New Year My Man! Where are you? Tell us about the Music with Altitude Show! And what about the Green Door???
name :   Garry
comment :   hey Jake RE;the email, sales will pick up-its the season of bein broke ATM Yer CD is still on my list of needit.
name :   Jo/TX
comment :   Happy New Year Jake-- wishing you wonderful things in 2006-- see you in Feb!
name :   DianeP
comment :   Hey Word Man. Ive missed you guys. Hope all is well in your world. Happy New Years. Diane in Texas
name :   Darcy
comment :   I tried to send you an e-mail with a pic. I hope you got it. Happy 2006 to you and yours!
name :   jake
comment :   if anyone wanted to be my hero, you could send me a picture of me playing my red, white and blue buck owens guitar in bakersfield. thanks, jake
name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Mr Kelly....Better late than never. Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas...Have a great new year ...go out and bring it in with a bang...Enjoy!!!!
name :   Mike Masters
comment :   Hey Jake, Sorry it took me so long to get a message to you. It was far out to be working at a cleaners and meet a girl who knew you from yalls shows!! I have a band called One Too Many Mornings in which I play bass and sing some of the stuff. Check out
name :   MFWebb
comment :   As I sit here with my family in Kentucky I find myself counting the days until Im back on the road with the one and only JFKelly. Merry Christmas!
name :   bertha adretalbim
comment :   will u mry me ? I love u u rock my sox 2 mars and back. its not a gas planet. i hv plenty of it though want some?
name :   Jake Kelly
comment :   Nice name it is the same one as mine i live in Alaska and hate to run with scissors! sorry Dude or dudet
name :   Jason Graumlich
comment :   Im feelin kinda creepy seeing as how Im the only male signing the guestbook. YIKES! Cant wait to play with ya in a few weeks, Jake. I hope new guitars are in yer stocking!! Feliz Navidad!
name :   michelle
comment :   before I take on the ever so stressful task of Christmas with the Family I just wanted to wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope the showcase for Matt is a huge success and a great time! Im sure I will see you in 20
name :   Paige Grigsby
comment :   Jake, you should be a link on Dierks Bentleys board!
name :   Barb Lee
comment :   Hi Jake: Hope you have a happy holiday season. Thanks again for the 2 autographs, and for letting me meet you briefly at the HOB in Cleveland on 11/18. Ive seen you guys so far at the rodeo in Cleveland in 04, Cleveland HOB in May, Portage county fair
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   I am sipping my spirited cup of coffee with visions of the old GA Band coming back to town soon. Have a good time with your family and try not to work so darn hard. However I love that Jake Kelly on the Guitar.....Rock on into the New Year, I hope it is a
name :   Cheryl Tollefson
comment :   I hope Santa is good to you and your family. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in Mille Lacs, Minnesota!
name :   Melissa
comment :   Hey Jake, just wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! See ya in 2006!
name :   Darcy
comment :   Jake, I hope Santa is good to you this year. I want to tell you that Im now the proud owner of your whole CD set and really enjoy it. I look forward to the next cd. I wonder if you have a fanclub and about the green car door? Thanks for the great read. I
name :   Cindy Y. in Texas
comment :   Hello Jake!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!! I look forward to seeing you, Gary and the Honky Tonk Wranglers.
name :   hwyjunkie
comment :   Hi Jake hope everything is good in your world.I have the limited edition cd its really good. I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas take care. Tell Gary I said hello. I hope to see you all again soon. love ya.
name :   St0lenhal0 aka Jody
comment :   Oh my Gosh! I posted that your guestbook was full on 2 different sites and what do you heard me! woohoo! lol Just sayin hi! Loved your website, your a funny guy. Loved the concert I seen ya in over the weekend, I am sorry I didnt even know who
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Okay, you have me wondering about the Green Car Door????????????
name :   K from ca
comment :   Thanks Jake for the amazing show in Temecula-My son loved standing at the stage and saying hi to you! What a great experience for him--thanks again!!!
name :   Matias
comment :   Hi there Jake, Hell of a show last night. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and my girlfriend.
name :   Penny Triplett
comment :   Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas Jake! Or to be politically correct Happy Holidays! Come back to North Carolina soon!
name :   Melissa-n-ND
comment :   Hey Jake! Looks like youll be coming up to ND yet again in 2006! Hopefully not the only one in 2006, but Ill take what I can get! Looking forward to seeing you all again!
name :   Crissy
comment :   You were awesome in Tucson..I had a great time, keep up the good work xoxoxoxoxo
name :   Alex & Co.
comment :   Great show in Vegas! Glad to see your friends and fam were all in the house. Have a wonderful time in Temecula...we couldnt get tickets. Oh well, well wait for another PHX show. Talk to you soon. Take care!
name :   Pearl Barnhart
comment :   Hey Jake, It was great meeting you in Vegas & thanks for the pick, you definitely made my night! I just ordered your 3 cd set, cant wait to get em signed! Hopefully you & Gary can make a trip to Salt Lake City next year? I LOVE you guys & I look forward t
name :   Anna Loves Levi
comment :   Hey Jake!Hope to get your new cd soon.Tell Gary Happy Birthday!I hope that you have a good Christmas and eat lots of cookies!
name :   Peg In Montana
comment :   Hey Spy Guy, I got my CD...the Limited addition! You brought a smile to my face and I laughed out loud at the intro and track 2 and Im not talkintrash!! What a hoot!! Im looking forward to getting it signed!